Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gambling Gone Wild In British Columbia....


How, exactly, do you square this......

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 11, 2010) - BCLC's responsible gambling programs have received the highest level of recognition, 'Level 4', by the World Lottery Association (WLA). An international panel for the WLA's Responsible Gambling Framework awarded the certification for policies and procedures in accordance with its Responsible Gambling Principles.

"In the Province of B.C. we have worked hard to develop responsible gambling strategies and programs which promote healthy, informed choices," said Minister of Housing and Social Development, Rich Coleman. "This achievement is a testament to the integrity and the effectiveness of those innovative programs.".......

With this.......?

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (Public Eye, May 12, 2010) - An internal December 2007 RCMP report warned that top-flight criminals involved in illegal gaming would be given a free hand in British Columbia if the police unit investigating them was shutdown. But that's exactly what happened less than two years later. It's just the latest piece in a growing stack of reports, emails and interviews which have called into question that decision - as well as whether enough is being done to crackdown on crimes like loansharking, pyramid schemes, bookmaking and Internet gaming. But, speaking with Public Eye, the province's gaming minister Rich Coleman said he won't reverse course, maintaining that such crimes are just as well-policed now as they were when the integrated illegal gaming enforcement team was still around......

Is it possible that the fine folks who are cheerleaders for world gambling domination and the members our local constabulary have different points of view on what's what?

Regardless, we now have Mr. Coleman on the record stating who he thinks has a better grip on what's really going down.

And clearly, in his opinon, it is not the Horsemen.


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