Monday, May 03, 2010

When ProMedia Members Collaborate, Good Things Happen


Paul Willcocks is back.

And he gives Sean Holman his due in the Colin Hansen Obfuscator-King* saga:

"....Hansen said the ruling (by Elections BC regarding his pro-HST mailer) was unfair. The government would normally send out ad material about the budget.

But Sean Holman reported on that Elections BC raised its concerns by April 22 after the public affairs sought an opinion.

And the independent office that protects the integrity of voting in B.C. didn't rule against a budget mailing, just the sales job on the HST...."

Then Mr. Willcocks gets right to the heart of the matter:

"....The tax betrayal has been damaging for the Liberals, leaving them looking either dishonest or incompetent. Dishonest if they promised not to introduce the tax while secretly planning to move ahead. Incompetent if they had been rejecting a change that Hansen now says is the single best thing that can be done for the B.C. economy.

Basically, the HST will cut taxes for businesses by $1.9 billion a year and increase the taxes paid by individuals and families by the same amount - something like $460 a year per person...."


You read that right.

$460 dollars a year.

Per person.

Per year.


So, if you are a family of four that's a lot.

No matter how you slice, dice or obfuscate it.


*Just to be clear, the 'Obfuscator-King' label is mine, not Sean's or Paul's......However based on the former's continued reportage and the latter's editorializing it is extremely hard for the average person who has been paying attention not come to that conclusion which, regardless how this all plays out in Provincial Real-Politick terms, likely means that the chances that Mr. Hansen will ever become a future Premier of British Columbia are now somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1 in 4.5 million.


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