Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RailGate 'Round The Bloggodome



Given that there will be no beer and popcorn show for the rest of the week, all the proMedia scribes have gone back to wrapping less stinky fish for the duration.

Which means, of course, that we will just have to settle for bread and the latest G8 circus.

Not to mention endless stories about the worst movie sequel ever made whose title promises nothing of what it delivers and all those breathless reports from slightly tubby guys with stickin'-up hair wearing suits without ties hollering about how many facial injuries Steve Nash has 'suffered' in the last couple of weeks.






Because, the Railgate Bloggodome is still going strong.

Here's one example, from RailGate's Blogfather, Bill Tieleman, who is back in the saddle again asking that not-so non-partisan question that is on the tip of everybody's tongue......Which is.....Should Premier Gordon Campbell take the stand in his own defense?

(Defense Lawyer ) McCullough left Campbell with a lose-lose choice. He could agree to take the stand as a witness in order to dispel the allegation the premier had spoke to Virk and made promises after the raid, therefore becoming subject to rigorous questioning.

Or Campbell could let the unsubstantiated allegation go untested, leaving a politically damaging claim without a response in court.....

To which we can only say.....Ha!.....

Oh, and what will Norman Spector say?


Meanwhile over at RailGate Central, BC Mary keeps on chugging down the tracks and demands that the powers that be put the entire show on the damned TeeVee, because, then....

Like, Aneal could've stayed home in bed, and been more comfortable watching and listening to everything said in BC Supreme Court today, if somebody would flip the ON switch and televize the sessions from Courtroom #20, the Air India Courtroom (fully fitted). Right? Aneal and everybody else who cares about the BC Rail Corruption trial could be fully informed. So why not flip the damn switch and get on with the trial? Otherwise, what's the next time-out ... Bill Berardino has gout? Erik Bornmann has toothache? And before we know, it's Christmas again. Come on.....


This thing would soon push Coronation Street, the (nolongerso)Fresh Prince, AND Vanna White off the MotherCorp forever if, like the Watergate hearings, it was on the idiot box every single day for 8 weeks straight.


And kootcoot, as only he can, lays waste to the Ledgie Boys Liars' Club non-stop chanting that we are nothing but a cult:

....The traffic statistics for blogs like the Legislature Raids and here at the House of Infamy tend to indicate that there are more and more people who aren't only interested in this trial, but interested in getting beyond the same old spin of the same old PABlum Brigade and their allies of the formerly Assperson Press and Media Empire....

And just in case that's not enough for you, Koot also momentarily makes like the immortal Pat Burns and compares Martyn Brown to....... Mr. Bojangles.......Seriously!

Oh geez! look at the time (I'm on Eastern at the moment).....More, later, promise not to leave anybody out.....Gotta go mix it up with the science geeks for the moment.....



Ian said...

Surprise, a 30 day extension request for the Paragon/Pavco docs from the city! Not unexpected in the BC FOI climate but God not what I wanted to hear from our beloved City Hall.

RossK said...

Awwww Geez.

Does this mean they're trying to play out the clock on some kind of rubber-stamp decision that is coming down?