Monday, May 31, 2010

RailGate RunAround....The Final Countdown?



It's another two day delay.

At least.

And the rumours are flying.

About this, that, and everything - especially on the very few proMedia comment threads devoted to the subject that still remain open.

After all, when the public is left in the dark for going on seven years rumour mills are bound to run and run and run and run like, well, runaway railway locomotives.

Or some such mixed metaphor.


But justice must be both done and seen to be done.


And while Martyn Brown reportedly left the courthouse in a huff this morning*, perhaps the time has come for us to ask ourselves the following.....

How much would Gordon Campbell be willing to give up to get the HST to be 'before the courts' right now?

*Please note..... That the apparent observation of huff-puffery on the part of Mr. Campbell's chief-of-staff was made outside the courtroom by one of Mary's Anon-O-Mice.....Thus, to the best of our knowledge, it is not part of the following Joe Keithleyesque equation........ legal wrangling - jury = publication ban.


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