Saturday, May 08, 2010

And Kash Heed's New SP Is......


....Pete Wilson.

And no, he is not Gordon Campbell's (presumably) favorite Governor from California not named Arnold.

Instead, he is a lawyer who heads a relatively small law firm with five principals, that, collectively, does not appear to have given any money to the BC Liberal Party in the last five years.

There is, however, a record in the Elections BC Website of Peter Wilson, the individual, making two donations of $250 to the BCNDP.

Thus, presumably, Mr. Wilson and his brethern and sistern do not appear to given any money that was subsequently used to fund evil Big Red Machine mail-outs or pay to put the razor-sharp creases into Mr. Heed's on-camera uniforms.

As a result, Mike Farnsworth has already given his stamp of approval.


I will wait for those much more knowledgeable to weigh-in definitively, but is looks like, at first glance at least, that Mr. Wilson and his firm Wilson, Buck, Butcher and Sears do some pretty progressive stuff....Thus, it would appear that the CJB has gone out of its way to go the other way (ie. compared to the demonstrable bonafides of Harper Grey and it's principals), and that the upper echelons have been forced to accept the Branch's recommendation due the heat being put on them by a (briefly?) awakened proMedia pack...
*i.e. according to CKNW.



Norm Farrell said...

"Thus, it would appear that the CJB has gone out of its way to go the other way. . . "

But, but, but .. the CJB operates without political influence*


RossK said...


Is there such a thing as 'apparently' allegedly?


BC Mary said...

What irks especially, in the new game of Conflict of Interest,

is Bill Berardino, Special Prosecutor on the BC Rail Case,

getting his Seal of Approval from a former NDP leader.

Like, Berardino is intimating that the approval of Thomas Berger is proof that he (Berardino) is on safe ground.

Man, that's so cynical.