Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Juke...Day 11.


I got into a really big debate, with myself, about whether or not I should put this one up here.

For all kinds of reasons, including the fact that I am not a believer, in any way.

And I most certainly do not believe in 2nd comings most of all.

Which, apparently, is, at least in part, what advent was once (and still is for some) all about.

And here I thought it was all about the morally non-relative (i.e. absolute) joy of watching one's kids open a little door and pull out a chocolate (or a tune) every morning for a month or so.


If I was, even in the smallest way, a believer of something other than the inherent good that is in all people, the sentiments expressed in this song, by Ian Felice, depict  precisely how I would most certainly like to see it all to go down...

What's the young Mr. Felice got?..Well....How about three chords and the most essential of truths...Does anybody really need anything more than that (other than, perhaps, the occasional walkdown)?
Image at the top of the post?...The coming of the 2nd line, first verse...



scotty on denman said...

Awesome, I'm glad you reconsidered.

RossK said...

Thanks Scotty--

It's a helluva tune.

I know that skill, artistry and flat out excellence has nothing to do with anything when it comes to success, etcetera, but the Felice Bros. are simultaneously king of the heap and barely making it.

It really is, as my brother the fireman likes to say...

A Tapestry of Justice.

Or some such thing.