Friday, December 13, 2013

The High Flyer Bruce Hyer...A Victory For Ms. May, Or....


...Sean Holman?

From the Fed-Greens'  press release:

Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada are thrilled to welcome Bruce Hyer as Canada’s second Green MP!...

{snippety doodle-dandy}

... Bruce became an Independent MP in 2012 after leaving the NDP over his concern with their poor democratic record. The NDP, like all of the major parties, consistently “whips” their MPs -- they must vote the party line or face consequences. Bruce believes that being whipped does not allow an MP to perform their primary duty -- to represent their constituents’ voice in Parliament...


From Mr. Holman's documentary:

You can watch the entire thing, the doc I mean, not the high flyer....Here.
And, don't forget, the best archive of all that went down during British Columbia's 'Golden Era'  (and more!) is back up and running over at Mr. Holman's old place 'Public Eye Online'...Case in point, say you wanted to know what really happened between Lizzie May and, oh I dunno, how 'bout Briony Penn...Well, you could get right to it by typing both their names into PEye's search box....Just like....This.



Anonymous said...

Ms. Bay ?????

RossK said...


Will fix.


Lew said...

"As a Green MP, Bruce will never face a whipped vote."

And how would one know, exactly? By waiting 'til he votes opposite to caucus? That story will be carried in the same newspaper advertising the new WalMart on Mars.

RossK said...



(and good point)