Wednesday, December 04, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The War On Families (aka 'The Super-Secret Crony Offensive')


Surprise, surprise, surprise...

Mr. Keith Baldrey has wurlitzerd up the Snooklandians' somewhat muted, but distinctly audible, clarion call that has been sounded to let us all know that the cupboard is bare. 

Thus, the notion of 'Families First' just may have to wait until 2046 because, until the billions and billions (if not trillions!) of LNG sparkle ponies arrive decades hence, there is belt-tightening to be done.

Or some such thing:

...(A) government, particularly one that doesn’t have a lot of elbow room when it comes to spending, is always vulnerable to charges it’s being unfairly hard on things like, well, families. And the events of the past week show just how true that can be...

Mr. Baldrey then goes on to explain why it just has to be this way.

To which I call codswallop.


Because, as I've noted before, the real sparkle ponies are already here. 

The problem is that we are giving them away, for free, to the cronies of the Snooklandians (and Gord's Golden Erans before them).


When you hear a Snooklandian and/or one of their proMedia enablers say that we 'just don't have the money to pay for....heating in schools or.... 'extra' holiday gifts for kids in care or... wheelchairs for the elderly, ask yourself the following.

Who, exactly, has that money?


To be more precise....

Who, exactly, has OUR money?

Norm Farrell has been all over the neverending multilevel stratification 'cash for cronies' schemes for months now (which led to some derisive name-calling from the good Mr. Baldrey on the Twittmachine)...These schemes are also a major discussion point just about every time Norm is on CFAX with Ian Jessop on Friday afternoons...Thus, I strongly suggest you both read and listen to Mr. Farrell regularly.
Of course,  many of the Snooklandians and Gord's Golden Erans are not necessarily mutually exclusive...



Anonymous said...

I thought China bought 800 hectares at Prince Rupert? Is that not where Communist China is building their LNG plants?

China also wants the timber and mines on Vancouver Island. I believe there are 18 mine permits, on Van Island.
seems to me I heard Christy Clark had Rich Coleman, pull treed land out of the land reserve on Van Island. Perhaps that is where China's timber will come from?

Petro-China had also put in a bid, to help build the Enbridge pipeline.

In my back yard, there is a Chinese buying up apartment blocks and, fixing them up for the hordes of Chinese coming over. A firm i bringing over Chinese Engineers. They have already placed 20. They are also training, hordes of Chines for the mines and the oil patch.

This Chinese also bought repo Duplexes and houses. They are crammed with, hot plates and bare furnishings for, the hordes of Chinese to learn English. He ships them in, ships them out and, then gets ready for the next batch coming over.

Quite frankly? Harper, Gordon Campbell and the BC Libs, would make excellent cell mates.

So much for Christy's election lie. Her families first and the huge number of jobs for BC. Christy's 76,000 jobs are for China, not for BC and Canadians.

There was a Chinese on line, a few nights ago. He said, China is superior to Canada and we would lose.

Hugh said...

The PCT, or Pacific Cash Transfer, is closed down but $18 million of public money is still being transferred every year to certain companies who say they are reducing their carbon emissions.

The BC Carbon Neutral Govt would like to export more coal and natural gas though.

e. a. f. said...

Baldrey needs to give his head a shake. B.C. has been a leader in child poverty for over 10 years. Its just having more and more of it. We've been number one in child poverty every yr except one. That was way before they built the B.C. Convention centre and went over budget a couple of hundred million. They had enough money to put a new roof on B.C. Place, which cost half a billion dollars. If they had money for all that why didn't some idiot in the lieberal party say, gee maybe we should shift these funds to kids so they don't go hungry. When they were giving out bonuses to C.E.O.s at B.C. Ferries, B.C. Hydro, I.C.B.C, Community Living, lieberal executives working for government for just doing their jobs, some one could have said, NO, they get their salaries, the rest of the money goes to kids in care, kids who live below the poverty line.

When people voted for the lieberals in the last election, they were voting for more child poverty. How do they like what they have done?

The lieberals are now going to increase B.C. Hydro rates by 25.5%. Where do people think this money will come from if people aren't able to feed their kids now?

Christy Clark and her lieberals should all be arrested for child abuse and child endangerment.

RossK said...


Excellent, and important, point.




You may have noticed that, before he got to the numbers, Mr. Baldrey actually cast aspersions on the First Call report without actually pointing out where it might be wrong.

Interestingly enough (and I stand to be corrected if wrong), but I can't remember him doing that with the sparkle pony stuff.

Why is that, I wonder?

As to where we are and where were going...I would be willing to cut these people some slack if what they were doing was actually transformative/raising all boats.

But the great combinatorial tax shift/public asset handover/future has done absolutely nothing to change anything in either micro or macro-economic terms.

Which is precisely what those (not) Commie-Pinkos running the Progress Board had to say.

And, surprise!, it was Ms. Clark who shut down said PBoard well in advance of the last election.