Sunday, December 01, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The Fassbender Effect


The Vancouver School Board should consider closing schools if it can’t save enough money by conserving energy, Education Minister Peter Fassbender told the Courier Wednesday.

“I’m sure that one of the things that [the VSB] is continuing to do is look at additional savings,” he said...

That just may the scariest lede, from Cheryl Rossi in last Thursday's Vancouver Courier, ever.

Because, put another way, this means that, according to a longtime Golden Era quisling and former overseer of the $600 million dollar magic carpet, we are now prepared to throw our kids out of their neighbourhood schools to make sure that the cronies keep getting their free and clear IPP money via massive increases in Hydro rates.

And yet, somehow, the Snooklandians, like the Campbellarians before them, are still making hay through the corpMedia telling us that it is the BCTF that is really, really scary.




Anonymous said...

We have an Education Minister who would close schools to save money on electricity - will someone tell me what kind of world we're living in?!!!
I don't recognize it anymore.

RossK said...


Mr Coupland, the MicroSerfs and more guy, feels the same way you do.