Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Advent Juke...Day 8.


The lights are up, both inside and outside, at our house now.

But we will wait until next weekend, when Bigger E is home again, to head up the street to get the...

And here's a fine bonus list that you can use to augment Ms. M's ever expanding adventorial jukebox....It's a great Indie compilation (which includes a couple of arrangements we've already swiped) from Kevin Coffey of Omaha Nebraska....Yes, that's right...Omaha Freaking Nebraska.
If I get the time, I'll compile all of the first week's tunes into one continuous longplay for tomorrow's entry...It's been really fun so far (except, maybe, for that time thing).
Neither the strings nor the tree in the image above are ours...I shot this on my ride home from work on Friday night...It's down in the Valley on the Westside in the high teens.


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