Thursday, December 05, 2013

This Day In Snookland...All Our Winners Are Quick.


From Jeremy Nuttall in 24 hrs (Lotuslandian ed.):

A man who admitted to calling a radio station under a fake name to bad-mouth an NDP candidate has been appointed to the University of B.C. board of governors.

Dr. Kenneth Fung was awarded the board position Nov. 27 by order of the lieutenant-governor, but Amrik Virk, minister of advanced education, signed the decision.

Fung is a clinical associate professor at UBC, but more recently he became part of a controversy after calling CKNW during a talk show as a man named Mike.

“I’ve got news for you. Did you know the NDP is running a candidate in Richmond Centre by the name of Frank Huang who can’t really communicate in English?” Fung said to host Sean Leslie during the segment. “Maybe you guys (can) give him a call and do an interview in English and see how good it is.”...

Interesting that, no?

But there's a little more to the backstory than Mr. Fung's 'just' being duplicitous during a phone call to the most-listened to radio call-in program in the province during the heat of an election campaign.

First.....The good Dr. Fung was also the chair of a crazy little thing the Snooklandians liked to call the Premier's 'Chinese Community Advisory Panel' until it was dissolved just before the last election campaign began.

Second..... Dr. Fung  went 'All Joe McCarthy, All The Time' on Mr. Huang during that election campaign, backed to the hilt with (at best) some rather bizarre hearsay evidence about Mr. Huang being a super-secret Chinese Communist Party mole.

Third....And perhaps most interestingly given the smearing described above, according to Mr. Huang at least, the good Dr. Fong first tried recruit him (i.e. Mr. Huang) to run for the Snooklandians in what later became Ms. Always Campaigning's seat, Vancouver Fraserview.


Sure sounds like the good Dr. Fung really is the kind of very fine fellow we should have at the helm of the largest post-secondary institution in the province.


How do I know this arcane stuff you may be asking....Well....I've got a memory and I'm going to use it.



e. a. f. said...

and of course the good "dr." was the most qualified for the position/? Perhaps not so much, but he must have done "the dummy" some favours.

ah to be a lieberal friend and have all those opportunities.

Does any one know how much money this position pays.

Anonymous said...

That's how the lieberals work, you pull my peepee and I will pull yours.

Anonymous said...

Bend over BC and smile, this is just the beginning.
Too bad the morons that voted for these miscreants weren't hurt twice as bad as those that didn't.

e.a.f. said...

the people who are being hurt the most don't even vote: CHILDREN.