Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Advent Juke....Day 14


Update: If you just want the Jukebox (and nothing but the Jukebox)...It's also...Here.

The two E's and me went up the street today to get our Christmas tree from the Lions.

This year we got a small one because the idea is to put it up on a table to keep it away from the flying squirrel/kitten.

Not really sure that's going to work.

Anyway, because we haven't set-up the table setting yet the little guy (the tree, not the squirrel-kitten) is sleeping out on the deck tonight.

But not to worry.

He's staying warm wearing his hat while everyone else is...

Advent Jukebox platter spins so far.....27,084.



Eleanor Gregory said...

Our family cat (no longer a kitten or a squirrel) likes to lie on his back under the lower branches of the Christmas tree and bat the low-hanging ornaments with his front paws. This has resulted in some damage to those silky thread-covered balls which now sport wispy hanging threads.

RossK said...



I suppose that, when it comes to ornaments and heirlooms a little damage, especially with memories attached, can be a good thing.

With the squirrel-kitten however, I'm a littleworried about him bringing the whole thing down.




Eleanor Gregory said...

Then you might consider suspending the tree from the ceiling

RossK said...

'Twas Bigger E's suggestion also!

There's a big ceiling hook by the front window to do it, too.

C., however, nixed the idea...Something to do with swinging trees or some such thing.