Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Advent Juke...Day 3.


Well, well, well...

Whadd'ya know.

Turns out that not all Frostiness comes from...

So...You may have noticed that the three tunes in the Advent Jukebox so far all have 'Christmas' in the title...Gosh, does this mean, to swipe a turn of phrase from Tom Hawthorn, that I'm part of the war on 'Happy Holidays'?...Ha!
AdventJuke Day 1 tune is...Here.
AdventJuke Day 2 tune is...Here.



Chris said...

Ah, this one is really nice, Dr K.

What a perfect winter song for a place that doesn't think in a wintery fashion often enough.

RossK said...


You've heard the 'She and Him' version?

(just don't think I can do your Arlo...His tempo changes, which were not a feature of his Dad's stuff, are just not somthing I can quite grasp.