Monday, December 16, 2013

James Moore Apologizes For His 'Comments' But Not For His 'Laughter'.


Looking, instead, for the Advent Jukebox and nothing but (i.e. no politics and/or other distractions)?....You can find all the tunes below...Or you can go...Here.

Specifically, to the best of our knowledge the good Mr. Moore has not yet apologized, either on the Twittmachine or elsewhere, for the highly 'contextualized' laughter that directly followed the 'comments' he refers to above:

You can find Mr. Moore's comments in full, as recorded by CKWX's Sara Norman, ....Here.

Why the 'contextualization' jab above?....Well.... Apparently Mr. Moore first blamed the messenger/reporter, Ms. Norman, for quoting him 'out of context' in a 'ridiculous' manner....To the best of our knowledge the good Mr. Moore has not yet apologized to Ms. Norman either.



Dave said...

Let's see now ... what do I have to say about his apology?

I know!! NOT ACCEPTED! Contrition will have to come with action. A resignation would suffice.

Given that he had to proven to be a liar before he would admit to what he said, he lacks the necessary honour to be a minister of the Crown.

RossK said...

Not that I disagree with you Dave, but...

I reckon that after the counter-spin offensive has been waged (something about the banality of the evil of welfare princesses with nannies, pedicures and Plan B scripts in their backpacks, perhaps?) and won that it is more likely that the good Mr. Moore will actually be promoted.