Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Advent Juke....Day5.


When I was a kid in college things were easy at this time of year.

Mostly because I was in the town I grew up in.

And by the time I went to Gradual School I was pretty much all grown up.

And C. and I were already together, which made things even easier.

But now that we have a kid going to school far, far away I understand how tough it all can be.

And while E. won't be home for a week yet, in my mind at least, she's already started the trip back.

Just so you know....Once I get a little more time on the Buzzsprout server (I've got some coming in a few days) I'll start to aggregate 'em so that anybody wants to listen in chunks will be able to without the need for song-by-song button pushing.



Anonymous said...

Yay E will be home in less than a week!


RossK said...


Now get to school, you!