Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stopping The Casino-Industrial Complex...327 Is Not Enough.



Update: Lunchtime Tuesday....Signatories to petition now at 458...Still not near enough...Go and sign it now!...Also, some play on the CBC, but....The freepers/turfers have flocked to the comment thread in earnest...There is big money involved here folk and the pushback message of 'inevitability' will be massive.


For all kinds of reasons, and rampant cronyism is only one of them, I truly believe that the repeated, concerted attempts to build a Casino-Industrial Complex next to BC Place is a very bad thing, indeed.


The fine folks from 'Vancouver Not Vegas' done whole lot of the heavy lifting to stop this thing before.

And they are getting a little media play as they try to do the same thing again.

Like the following from Peter Meiszner of Global:

Opponents of plans for a new Edgewater Casino next to BC Place are hoping a petition will cause the city to reconsider.

The group “Vancouver Not Vegas” has launched an online petition, asking the Development Permit Board to refer the casino application back to city council. The board is set to consider the application on December 17, and construction could begin later this month.

So far, 327 people have signed the petition....

But 327 is not going to do it.


Go and sign the darned petition.


Why do these people keep coming back, and back, and back, and back?....Well, I think we all know the answer to that - right?



karen said...


RossK said...

Thanks Karen.

I think they're pretty close to 500 signatures now, which is still, essentially, wave awayable.

The spin here is going to be that it is not an 'expansion' of the number of slots and tables.

The thing is, this is very likely not going to be the final decision on such things given the massive increase in floor size in the complex.

In fact, the City's spokesemailer (i.e. they wouldn't speak in person) essentially told the Van Courier's Mike Howell that, if there is not an outright rejection, that a revisiting of things could happen.


RossK said...

Hey Karen--

Which do you like better on the Jukebox...Weekly compilation or single tunes?

(it's about 50/50 on the Email)


karen said...

I know its just the thin edge of the wedge. I am just so offended that this is their new taxation strategy.

As for the Holiday Jukebox, I am 50/50 myself. I like the individuals when you put them up, but I also like to download the compilations and play them while I drive or am doing something at home. (Your version of "flowers in your hair" will always be cooking music! :) )

Anonymous said...

they will continue to come back. there is money to be made. greed, greed, greed. A casino complex such as this will ruin the downtown. It will bring a lot of crime, etc. to the city. They keep bringing back because some one has encouraged them to do so. It may be on the provincial level or the municipal level, but corporations don't keep coming back unless they think they will win.

For the citizens of Vancouver to keep the casino industry at it current levels they will have to have an on going fight with these people. For the politicians to even notice, at least 50K will have to sign. Anything less won't matter to them, because they won't be defeated at the polls.

This type of complex will not only be used for the local market but will be used for an international market. It won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that the casino complex is a bad project, for a ton of reasons.
But I have to say that something smells in the timing here. Vision is in trouble, casino rears ugly head in lead up to municipal election, Robertson once again saves city from casino horror. I don't know, not to be overly cynical, but there's something odd here.

RossK said...

Thanks karen--

If it was only the taxation thing, that would be bad enough, but it is the crony give away of the sparkle ponies that really gets me.

I hear you re the hybrid - I think I'll keep putting them both up.

Really happy to hear that 'flowers' has found a place in your kitchen.

It's such an amazing little '3 chords and the truth' - type tune.


RossK said...

Thanks Anons-Above

And good point about the most interesting timing re: the civic situation...

Have a look at the Mike Howell VanCourier story linked to above...One of the possibilities is a further 'delay'.