Friday, December 06, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Schools And Hospitals Are No Friends Of Ours.


You think I'm joking?

I am not.

Here's the latest from the the ol' turd stormer himself, as reported by Lindsay Kines in the VT-C:

Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett wasted little time Thursday rejecting a request from school boards for a break on B.C. Hydro rate increases.

Bennett said in an interview that he has no plans to cut a special deal with school boards and risk opening the door to similar requests from other agencies.

“Where do you draw those lines?” he said. “OK, if you say school boards don’t have to pay the increase or they get a special rate, what about health authorities?...


Because we already have scores of IPP Proffiteers to subsidize up the whazoo to the tune of billions and billions and billions until, when, exactly?

Which, of course, means that Snooklandian Education Minister Peter Fassbender's recommended course of action (Save The Cronies ... Close The Schools!) can now continue unabated.


Can't quite recall what the good Mr. Bennett's turdstorm eruption was all about?....Well....We can help you with that.



e.a.f. said...

apparently the lieberals don't understand,that in the end the money comes from taxpayers. there is no reason B.C. Hydro can't give a break to schools and health authorities. Over the years enough tax breaks have been given to business.

If we follow Fassbender's "recommendations" we would eventually have no schools left. of course the developers would have a lot of nice land. School boards are given a budget. It must be adhered to. If they won't give them a financial break they ought to eliminate the current funding formula and allow school boards to run deficeits and raise taxes locally.

nine prrwik

Hugh said...

We have to subsidize the IPPs until 2036, give or take, or longer, since the contracts are 30 years or longer.

Total of $50 billion, or more.

RossK said...


Oh, I think there would still be schools if we followed the Fassbender rules.

I just don't think they would be ours.


Thanks Hugh--

Always good of you to fill in the figures for us.


We don't have to wait for LNG Sparkle Ponies to land in 2046...Instead, we just have to stop giving them away right here and right now.