Saturday, December 07, 2013

All The Prime Minister's Men: They Only Cheat When They Can't....




It would appear they do it all the time, regardless.

That cheating thing, I mean.

Alison over at Creekside dove beneath the assorted sundry flotsam and jetsam managed to come back up to the surface with a gleaming info nugget taken directly from an Email sent by then Harper Chief of Staff Nigel Wright to the PMO's Manager of Parliamentary Affairs, Patrick Rogers, dated February 15, 2013:

"...Patrick, we are going to need to manage the briefing of the Conservative Senators (including, hopefully Chair) of the Committee. If the Rules and Procedures committee doesn't have the right membership, then the Senate by motion should constitute a special committee that will have the right Senators on board. We cannot rely on the Senate Leader's office to get this right...have do this in a way that does not lead to the Chinese water torture of new facts in the public domain, that the PM does not want..."


Now I get it.

They must do any and all things, regardless the propriety (or lack total thereof), when there are facts that must be held from the public.

Especially when that is something that the Prime Minister does not want to happen.

Sound like a functional democracy at work to you?


Sure does.



Eleanor Gregory said...

So where is the Great Satan when we need him?

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