Thursday, December 05, 2013

Goodbye To Mr. Mandela....This Is The Time When We All Ska.



2112 said...

I played that song right after I heard the news.

RIP Mr.Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Thank the creator for bloggers!
Thank you Ross for bringing this song into my world today!

In light of all the despicable men I'm reading about in the news, we can dance in celebration of the life of a great man.

"Freeeeeeeeeeeee Nelson Mandela … "

karen said...

I thank you for sharing this too. It's wonderful. I'm going to spread it around.

(Doesn't seem to keep me from crying though...)

RossK said...

2112 (that you again Geddy)--

Ya, it's the whole thing when you think about how the world should be...Heckfire, the whole world should just be The Specials.


You're most welcome Anon-Above.

Except, there are all kinds of non-blogging folks listening to this song today, I'm sure.


RossK said...


There will be no crying!

The guy did it all.

And that is (way) more than enough.


Chris said...

Very nice, Dr K. This is the first song we put on too, and everyone who walked by said the same thing: "Oh, I remember that song, great song, makes me happy to feel that way today instead of the way I generally feel about the world." So that's a good thing.

RossK said...



And I just like thinking about even the idea of The Specials.


Anonymous said...

Yes, RossK we ought not be crying--he is truly free now...

So, I was surprised at my own tears that sprang to the surface--

In 1975ish, as a young not-yet-hard-bitten woman I was mightily impressed by the story a work friend related to me about the experience of her South African friend who was visiting Canada, the young visitor: Prisca, stood back to let everyone else on the bus before her. My work friend had to explain that in Canada she did not have to do that.

Not long after that, on a lunch break from work, I was at the mall grocery store when I saw they were selling grapes from South Africa, I decided then and there, I would muster the courage to ask the produce manager to stop carrying South African grapes, and why he shouldn't. He listened politely...

So returning to the the tears: they were for my lost idealistic self, and the golden age of Davey, blind hope, and in retrospect Pierre.

Anonymous said...

ps anon 12:23=SH

RossK said...



That's OK.


Upon reflection (and knowing what I know of you in the here and now)...

I'm not so sure that young idealistic version of yourself is gone.

As for the real golden era...Don't forget, we've STILL got a lot of that good stuff left that the bastards are STILL having to work their asses off to destroy.

(wonder how that store owner feels about it all now?)


RossK said...

'try' and destroy.

I left that important qualifier out, above.

Because there are still some ladders down that folks who need them can grab on to...And there is still an ALC and an ALR and our car insurance rates are still lower...And a lot of our kids from working class families still do have a chance to get their eyes opened (sans total corporatism) at a post-highschool place of study of all different shapes and sizes.


That 1975 version of yourself is still very much with us.


Anonymous said...


They haven't looted it all, yet.