Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Maybe They Could Create Some Jobs In...


You think the irony in this wee bit of (not quite really) snark is lost on me?

Think again.

Jeremy Nuttall of 24 Hr (Lotusland Division) brings things into focus with his latest. Here's his lede:

VANCOUVER - B.C. Premier Christy Clark is standing by her jobs plan in the face of rising unemployment.

The unemployment rate rose 0.2% from October to November, and the province has lost 15,500 jobs since November 2012, according to Statistics Canada...

And can someone remind me again how much, exactly, the Snooklandians wasted....errrrr... spent, not on job creation, but instead on an advertising blitzkrieg that was designed to be, according to Ms. Clark herself, an exercise in trolling for Facebook clicks?



chuckstraight said...

I also hear that Christy is going to increase the chocolate ration.
This government is real shite.

RossK said...


Chocolate, sure...

Me, I'm holding out for my LNG Sparkle Pony stock options that will vest in...



North Van's Grumps said...

Hmmmm Photo Props Different Lunch bag, Different Earrings Different Coiffure. Nothing has improved since May 2011

RossK said...


I believe that was the day Ms. Clark 'volunteered' to bring lunch to poll workers and thus brought media attention to herself at they polling station...Something that E-BC later looked the other way on.

Have I got that right?



John's Aghast said...

Is that because the province has lost so many jobs it has nowhere to go but up?
Don't forget Christy, all those lost postal worker jobs (not your fault) will NOT be covered by an increase of wine and beer salespeople at the Farmer'sMarket.

RossK said...



Don't forget that Ms. Clark has a penchant for saying anything (which may or may not mean anything at all by this time next week).


That 'Say Anything' thing pretty much led to another about face on the matter of hard liquor sales at the supermarket earlier today.

(although I suspect that a passel of paying cronies ....errr...donors may have had something to do with that)


North Van's Grumps said...

The Press were present before Christy Clark showed up with the brown bag lunches, too bad they told her where to stand

RossK said...

Ahhhh, yes....

Thanks for that NVG. My mistake.


RossK said...

(but only kinda/sorta/barely)

bcwaterboy said...

I don't think anyone's actually said it in regards to Premier Photo Op's riding being the cradle of free enterprise. It would be better described as the cradle of low wages and high cost of living, and playground for the have-mores, but free enterprise? Fiercely competitive and cliquey, but not so free. But it has really nice weather for 4 or 5 weeks in the summertime.

RossK said...


Points taken

There's another 'c' word one could use to follow fiercely, also.

(hint: it's often followed by the word 'capitalist')


scotty on denman said...

"capitalist" doesn't fit with the 'c' word I was thinking of---'sfunny, it wasn't a very nice word, either.

RossK said...


How 'bout crow without the feathers or the fine disposition, by instead an 'ny' after it?