Friday, December 13, 2013

Crowd Funded Scrounge-O-Rama For Mr. Ford...Wake Him Up Before He Go Goes.



What's next...

A Kickstarter to fund his new musical revue?

To be called...

Hoofers and Blow?

Is the Indigogo campaign depicted in the image above for real?....Who knows...But the fact that nobody (at least not yet) can tell for absolute sure actually says a whole lot about the state of play in Canadian politics today
And remember, Mr. Ford was foisted on the 'Center of the Universe' by some of the very same info-dominateers/politics-of-destructioneers who managed to convince a whole swath of the Canadian electorate that Stephane Dion was an evil flip-flopper who actually hated the environment...Even more interestingly, some of those dominateers/destructioneers apparently ended up working to keep Snooklandia afloat for another four years by employing, essentially, the same strate(r)gy...Which is ironic in the extreme if you really think about it (and/or the real owner of the somewhat infamous Volvo).



Chris said...

Oh my god, Dr K... the dots that bounce around in your head and the brilliant way they connect. It's a thing of beauty.
We're clearly not paying you enough.
This is a lovely post.
And yes, I'm from Toronto. And I've been trying all day to wrap my head around the mayor calling a reporter a pedophile, and the almost lack of public response, and what an incredible cheapening of community this whole mess represents, and who that works for...
But anyway, again, we're not paying you enough. That's what I really meant to say.
Merry Christmas to all of you. Peas on Earth.

RossK said...

Thanks Chris.

There is more, re: the dots, of course...But I elected not to go there because I've never really liked Toga Parties anyway.


Grant G said...
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e.a.f. said...

First look, oh a new joke.
Second look, no that is not a joke.
We have only our collective selves to blame for this. although we personally may not have voted for these awful people, the majority who voted did. Now we all have to live with it. In the case of some, they will die because of it, i.e. lack of care for vets. lack of care for children. lack of care for the elderly. lack of housing. the list goes on. All I want for Christmas is for the lieberals, stevie slime and the slimers and the Fords to saddle up and exit stage right and never come back. Even better let them try living on welfare rates for a year. See how they like it.