Saturday, December 07, 2013

Saturday Morning Going Down...Busk, Busk You Do.


That little bit of trouble in River City, noted above by The Province's Stephanie Ip, happened at one of Bigger E's favourite busking spots, the Canada Line Station at Broadway and Cambie.

Which just goes to show you that sometimes even Buskers can't 'just get along'.

Speaking of (not) which....

That Hansard fella and his friends are gearing up for their, now annual, Christmas Busk on Dublin's Grafton St and in front of it he and Mark Geary have a single out to raise money to support folks doing stuff that folks need. Here they are at Vicar Street the other night.

A little closer to home... Laila has a great post up this fine, bright Saturday morning about the little farm that could out in Surrey. During growing season they grow stuff for people who need such stuff (i.e. everyone), but with this cold snap they've flooded a field and built themselves a wee bit of a River that all the kids can skate on.

Hmmmm....Might be an Advent Juke tune in there somewhere for later.

For the moment though, I'm putting on my toque and fingerless gloves so that I can take my dog and my guitar down by the real River where it meets the sea.

We will try our best not to disturb the birds and/or the passers by.

Bonus track (for E. only, probably)....Felice Brothers talking about busking... I'm working on a relatively new song of I.F.'s that just may make the advent list...Couplet: F/C...Walkdown F/E/D/C.....Change: F/C/G.
Not-So Super-Secret Double-Probation Track...E., me and the Whackadoodle down by the River a few Christmas' ago now...



Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't seen that coat in years!

RossK said...

Isn't it hanging in the closet downstairs?