Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Advent Juke...Day 7.


When I was a kid my Dad tried to make a skating rink in our backyard a whole bunch of times.

And it actually worked a few of those times.

But nothing compared to the winter of 1968/69 when a record long arctic air blanket lasted the entire Christmas Holidays and more.

Which meant that we skated and skated and skated and skated.

In Victoria!

And while I have never skated on a river, I have skated on lakes and ponds and flooded fields.

Which, with our cold snap the last few days (see the Whackadoodle at the beach this morning, above) and because of Laila's story about the farm owner out in Surrey who flooded his field, on purpose, so that the neighbourhood kids could skate on it this weekend, I got to thinking of this...

There is actually a picture of my Mom, looking an awful lot like her grandaughters, skating on a flooded farmers field (the Pendry's) next to Swan Lake when she was 10 or 11, hanging on my parent's living room wall....Wish I had a river, indeed.
Bigger E and I usually do Ms. Mitchell's song together every Christmas, so you might hear it again in a week or so...And when we do it you'll hear someone who can actually hit that high part in the 2nd verse.
What's this Advent Juke thing all about Alfie?...Well, it's pretty much explained, more or less...Here.
Oh, and just in case you haven't seen Ms. M's Seventh Day Anti-Adventist offering...Get thee there, pronto when you're finished here.


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