Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Advent Juke....Day 21.


As I mentioned last night, yesterday was filled to bursting with carols, both at work and at home (see above for the aftermath).

Today, however, was not.

Instead, E. and I did some old-fashioned busking late this afternoon in the dying light, first down in Gastown just up from the steam clock and then up on Main St. in the middle teens. We did fit in a couple of Christmas songs, but mostly we did our old favourites. Heckfire, we even worked this into our medley in E. It was all quite a lot of fun, if a little hard on the fingers in the cold, and it even turned somewhat operatic occasionally like, for example, when the buddhist monks dropped a big chunk of dough in our case for no apparent reason at all.

Tonight though, E. is upstairs with C. and our friend M. playing a marathon Scrabble game.

And e. is making paper cranes with her friend m., who is staying the night.

So it's left for me, alone, to sing...
(best part, though, is the non-musical outro)

Entire Advent Jukebox is....Here.


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