Sunday, April 03, 2016

Getting To A New Plane For A New Week.


Mr. Hansard, accompanied by Joe Doyle on the stand-up bass, takes Mr. Morrison's Astral Weeks to a whole new plane.

If you stay through the last minute-and-a-half you will be ready for anything come Monday morning.

I promise...



sd said...

Lots of energy here.I looked up all the lyrics from Astral Weeks a couple of minutes ago and found myself back in Berkeley lamenting a lost love, that's how powerful that album is . Like I've said before Richard Davis drove that whole album. Interesting story about how the musicians came to be on the recording at Wiki.I need a new copy ,my old one is worn out.Yes we'll need a new plane cause the leg is back.

RossK said...


Mr. Davis the driver, indeed.

The guy playing the bass in this clip, Joe Doyle, is usually impervious to guitar player/screamer Hansard's antics given how long the two of them have been playing together, but even he loses it a little near the end here.

I just look for covers of AWeeks because, relatively speaking at least, there is so little of Van the Man online...Should probably get myself a new copy of the original also.