Saturday, April 02, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland: I Know, Let's Get Ms. Miller To Try It...



Let's get Ms. Miller.

She might not wanna try it, but she might just like it.

Dermod Travis of Integrity B.C. explains the situation to our fine premier:

Premier Clark:

Regarding your pledge this week to “ask our Chief Electoral Officer to help us change the law in the province so that we can log in the donations in real time,” there is – in fact – nothing stopping you from doing so now.

It does not require any legislative change whatsoever. If you instruct the party's executive director, Laura Miller, to post the information daily to the party's website, the party will not be breaking any provisions under the BC Election Act, and can then report annually to Elections BC. Talk about no red tape...

Mr. Travis also points out that, despite what our fine Premier thinks she knows and says, governments, not officers of the legislature, make laws in this province.
And don't ever forget that, even if we get to watch the pay-to-play shakedown in real time, popcorn-in-hand, such a change will do absolutely nothing (say it again!) to actually stop the practice (especially with a bunch as demonstrably and historically shameless as the BCL Party/Government)...That would actually take real legislation...Gee, didn't I read somewhere that the Opposition plans to table a private members' bill to that effect (for the fourth time) in the Ledge next week?



e.a.f. said...

ah, Mr. Travis, move to the head of the class. Christy, what to do now? O.K. get ms. Miller and the "little shits in short pants", figure this out for me, I need a photo op.

RossK said...


Photo-Op need indeed.

Except this time they will have to go one step further than just bamboozling the usual suspects for a news cycle or two.

Because this time they are going to have to run a false equivalency swindle in which they try to convince the suspects that their real time gambit is the same as the real legislative proposal that will be tabled this week.