Wednesday, April 06, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: Discussions? We Don't Need No Stinking Dissussions...


...On Pay-To-Play.

First, the legislative gambit by the leader of the Opposition John Horgan re: legislation to eliminate big money political donations from anybody or anything:

Next, the in-ledge, on-the-record response of the Clarklandians:

Imagine that!

So....Can we now expect a full column from his Deanship explaining how Ms. Clark slithered away from pay-to-play purgatory by outsmarting Horgan and patiently waiting for the news cycle to roll on past (unlike, say, that wimp Kathleen Wynne)?



Anonymous said...

We can't blame Christy for those posh dinners with the elite.... I see nothing...I hear nothing....

" But Clark says she wouldn’t know if she was at an event where people paid money to rub shoulders with her.
“I couldn’t confirm which events cost how much, because I don’t walk into an event and say ‘how much did people pay to get here?’ Because when I meet with people I’m interested in meeting with people.”

Besides the NDP does it... so it must be right...

“I don’t play a part in how much the events cost. I certainly do go to them though, as do the NDP, and its all within the rules of British Columbia, and it’s all disclosed.”

Oh well...on to the next story.... Christy goes to the Philippines...because in her heart..she really is a Filipino...

Guy in Victoria

Lew said...

This afternoon just after one o’clock on CKNW, Assistant News Director Charmaine de Silva was chewing the fat with Simi Sara about Christy Clark’s fundraising activities. In the face of numerous NDP attempts to introduce a bill banning union and corporate donations (the latest well advertised for this afternoon), and the fact it was one of the planks in the NDP’s last election campaign, they offered this:

Assistant News Director: “What’s interesting to me is I think this is a real opportunity for the NDP…if the NDP wants to jump on this and say they’re in support of banning union and corporate donations...but remember, the NDP has played on this side of the fence as well...they don’t want to ban union donations…”
Simi Sara: “They have to! Come on! Plum opportunity here!”
Assistant News Director: “That’s what I’m saying. I mean this is an opportunity…if you want to say that you’re on the right side of can do this as well, but know what… I heavily doubt that’s gonna happen because the NDP without…without…you know, they get a fair share of corporate donations as well, plus union donations...that’s gonna be a…a big problem for that party also…”
Simi Sara: You know who loses? We do. We lose with all of this. It’s just ridiculous!”

Some local pundits are dangerous because they deliberately ride shotgun for big money and their political bedmates. Others are just in-over-their head incompetent.

Anonymous said...

On another note... Christy was quoted as saying the NDP spent more than the Liberals in the last election. Of course it's not true but how many will remember that it is NOT true.
This lady often does that.
John Horgan should do the same... starting with the Liberals are studying the wheelchair tax for seniors and want to put in place by summer. Then let the MSM sort it out. John can always say he was misquoted.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...


Ya - and Cassidy Olivier caught her out...Interesting how the 'digital influencers' are doing everything they can to deflect without actually denying the lies (on both fundraising and spending).


Thank-you very, very much Lew.

I would encourage all readers to note this type of proMedia incompetence, cluelessness and/or lede-burying (whether willful or not).


Because if you tell me about it, I will front it here and attempt to trumpet it on the Twittmachine.

Why am I so obsessed with this?

Because I honestly believe that this is the real reason why the BC Liberals get away with things like pay-to-play (i.e. it is not because the public is 'dumb' or 'doesn't care' but rather because they don't know what is really going on right now and, essentially, been going on for 15 years, ever since the original sin in which BC Rail was sold/not sold to two big party donors/makers of the made man).