Saturday, April 02, 2016

While The Lotuslandian ProMedia Fiddles ...BC's Minimum Wage Burns.


I watched this Twittmachine exchange (about the shifting shape of the latest BCLiberal gov't  shiny deflector spin bauble) between an outraged Travis Lupick of the GStraight and two calm, cool and collected, not to mention very fine, fellows from Global, with interest, a week or so ago:


Why would I watch such an inane bit of insider proMedia kabuki with any interest whatsoever?

Because, as a lowly idiot blogger who has been paying attention, I knew precisely what the undeflectable (i.e. real) thing was that the shiny bauble being discussed was actually designed to deflect.

And yesterday, that undeflectable thing arrived with a vengeance (no foolin'):

...British Columbia has the lowest minimum wage in Canada as of today (April 1, 2016), with a rate of $10.45 per hour. The shift to dead last was due to New Brunswick’s rate increase to $10.65, which went into effect today...

Which just goes to show, once again, that...

The more things change under a BC Liberal government, the worse things get for average British Columbians who can't afford (in their wildest dreams) to even think about paying-to-play.

Meanwhile, many members of the Lotuslandian proMedia just keep-on-keepin' on as if what is ACTUALLY happening is not really happening at all because they've got all that super-important, super-duper top-diggedy-doggy-styled insider-access-only kabuki all figured out.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, in the end all of that kabuki crap means absolutely NOTHING.



Apologies for the all-caps, above, but these are people's lives we're talking about here.



Bill said...

Nice idiot blog posting Ross.

Christy and Crew in Wonderland.

RossK said...

Thanks Bill--

But you forgot the 'lowly' descriptor.

Actually, if I remember correctly, Mr. B. hypothesized that idiot bloggers comment negatively on the work of proMedia folks not because of the nature of the work itself (when negative, of course) but rather due to their own low self-esteem.


Is it possible that Mr. B. has failed to mention that, in addition to all his many other attributes, accomplishments and accolades, that he is also a practicing clinical psychologist?


davemj said...

It,s known around town that his nose is so brown he is the town clown that,s for sure!For him there,s no cure and that is for sure.Does he have to scrape the soles of his sneakers after following those reprobates around.

RossK said...


The Keef wears sneakers?


Anonymous said...

Sneakers? I think waders are easier to wash the bovine scatology off of. If a business model is so broken that it can't afford to pay the people that grease the wheels enough to get by then it's a colossal failure. Put ol' Keefaroni and Surely (I'm not James) Bond on a month or 2 of living on minimum and watch the difference in their dance steps. Pathetic excuses for humanity.

Anonymous said...

Pay to play...wonder what would happen if, we "all" could get in on that game...rampant inflation, greed, corruption, oh sorry we already have most of that and those that are in denial or on the take ...err playing the game.
More and more everyday, financial scandal, corruption, stupidity, etc., rules are for those that obey, the minions. The elite, well not so much. What if we cancelled the justice system, err sorry "legal"system, and all the other "isms", controlled by the "elites" for a while....then, with a level playing field...chaos reigns, We might actually "win" for a change.

Lew said...

Hard for government spin masters to find good help these days. Local punditry can’t even handle a targeted leak properly. Where else would it be necessary for the government to issue a clarification on a “news” story it planted in the first place?

If we had real journalists working the beat around here (instead of beating the work) they’d be ripping Her Christiness to shreds over how she can claim on the one hand BC has the best economy in Canada for now and the foreseeable future, while with the other hand she ensures BC has the lowest minimum wage and next to highest poverty rate in the very same Canada. Instead we get poseurs arguing about who screwed up the leak designed to cover up the real story.

e.a.f. said...

Lew, I gotta say, I love your last line!

No one is going to vote in favour of these idiots over a 20 cent an hour raise. That works out to $1.60 a day more. right, lets get right on that. won't even buy 2 litres of milk.

A single person working full time at min. wage is still under the poverty line by $2K a year. We have had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 14 of the 15 last years. @Why? because their parents can't make enough money to get above the poverty line.

If a business has to keep going on the backs of children, they need to find a new business model. if Bateman and his fellow travellers think $1.60 a day is going to make companies go bankrupt, the boy needs to go back to school as does the mouth piece for small business. better idea, let them live on min. wage for a month.

Bond's "announcement" was simply to try to get people to shut up. If she set the date in sept. perhaps they are lining up for an election in Sept. although they might want to get it done prior to fire season. Its not going to be good and the money which will be spent will be huge. then toss in a few municipal politicians trying to find out what is going on, the election might be decided by small towns and their small newspapers.

They may not be so interested in the high cost of realestate but they sure can get riled about their towns burning or the areas around the towns and fire seasons aren't getting better, just wilder and more expensive. The problem for the b.c. lieberals is, t.v. does show the fires. people are going to wonder why is our province burning or it could be fire season is Christy's idea of job creation.

Anonymous said...

Seems that there is great fear amongst the CEOs and politicians that anything other than a tiny increase in the minimum wage will ruin the economy. Funny how that same fear isn't there when the CEOs/politicians take massive raises.