Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Keef Report....The Tipping Of The Dippers.


It's not often that we have two Keef Reports in one day, but the following was impossible to ignore:

Now, based on the time stamp, one can only assume that the Keef banged this out after he learned of the Conservative victory in Manitoba last night.

Interestingly, I don't remember him tweeting anything similar about the Cons after they got stomped in the Albertalands and Fed-Gen elections recently.

Previous editions of the Keef Report can be found....Here.



Lenin's Ghost said...

Of course, he works for the cons

Anonymous said...

Keef? Someone said something? Really, why give this individual any exposure on the blogs? He's MSM, simply irrelevant. Yes he does "work" for the cons, and yes eventually all things will change, but not the way he thinks.

Davemj said...

I would not waste my time reading any thing this poor excuse of a reporter!! Has he no shame?mindless! Buffoon

Chuckstraight said...

Baldrey= BC Liberal activist.

Anonymous said...

Baldrey's a bumbling buffoon. I watch him on Global news most nights and he can barely talk. Seriously.