Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Man In Vegas Appears To Be On The Side Of The...


Republico has the story:

LAS VEGAS — Dispirited over a Republican Party primary that has devolved into an ugly, damaging fight, some of the GOP’s biggest financiers are reevaluating whether to invest in the 2016 presidential contest at all. 

Among those on the sidelines: Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul who hosted the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring meeting at his Venetian hotel this weekend. His apparent ambivalence about 2016 was shared by many RJC members here. With grave doubts about the viability of the few remaining Republican contenders, many of these Republican donors have decided to sit out the rest of the primary entirely. And while some are reluctantly getting behind a remaining candidate, others are shifting their attention to congressional contests...


....On Thursday evening, Adelson hosted some of the organization’s top officials at his palatial mansion. While former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper discussed how fractured parties can unite, Adelson listened but said little, according to three people who were present...


If Republican rubes with billions want to throw a little cash Mr. Harper's way to hear him pretend that his takeover of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in the wake of the bamboozlement of little Petey was an exercise in 'uniting fractured parties' it's their money, I guess.


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