Friday, April 15, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Parents And Students Are Hopping Mad.


Folks are pretty upset with what's going down in Lotusland Central when it comes to budget cuts to public schools.

Tracey Sherlock has the story in the VSun. Here is her lede:

Parents and students spoke out Thursday night — for the third evening in a row — in an attempt to save programs that could be lost because of Vancouver School Board’s planned $24-million budget reduction.

More than 40 people spoke about the importance of programs like the band and strings program, a Mandarin immersion program, librarians, literacy supports, gifted programs and other special programs that could be lost if the planned reductions necessary to balance the board’s $477-million annual budget go through. Poverty was mentioned many times by the presenters, as were special needs students and the supports they require...


Does this mean the Keef will go after these folks for their 'confusing' and 'wrong' information just like he did with another group of folks involved with the public schools awhile back?

But, you may be asking yourself...Why doesn't the VSB just refuse to pass a budget that will cut programs to shreds?


You know...

...By law, the board must pass a balanced budget by June 30, and if it doesn’t the government could fire the board and appoint a trustee, as happened to the Cowichan Valley School Board in 2012 and to the VSB in 1985...