Sunday, April 03, 2016

Lotuslandian Real Estate Bubblification Of Everything (ctd)...Setting Self-Regulation To Warp Factor Three.


Sean Woodford of CKNW has the story:

The Real Estate Council of BC has fast-tracked some changes it says will improve public protections.

The council says as of today it will use a lawyer in investigations of misconduct by a real estate agent.

The Real Estate Council has hired lawyer Patrick Poyner as its new legal counsel...

But wait.

There's more!

...For serious cases involving public risk it (the RE Council) will also employ a team of private investigators...

Feel better now?

Did someone say listeria AND self-regulation?



e.a.f. said...

oh, gee that makes me feel oh, so much better, really better. they're going to hire a lawyer and a private investigator. sounds more like getting a divorce prior to the changes to the federal act by Trudeau Sr.

another way for the photo op queen and her friends to appear to do something while doing nothing. so they hire a lawyer and private investigator. I can do that and still not change anything.

oh, well if people vote for this bunch in the next election, they will truly get what they deserve, Vancouver, ghost city of the year in 2025.

that is funny, made me laugh. a lawyer and private investigators....sounds like a 1958 divorce. everybody made money except the divorcee.

Lew said...

Gee RossK, I thought you’d love this guy because he apparently knows his way around the diamond.

“Patrick Poyner is the Founder and Principal of Poyner Dispute Resolution located in North Vancouver. Mr. Poyner is a member of the civil roster of Mediate BC, is a current member of the Employment Assistance Appeal Tribunal, and is a board member with the BC Arbitration and Mediation Institute and Baseball BC. Mr. Poyner was a former professional baseball player having spent time in the Texas Rangers and Montreal Expos organizations. In the community, he has worked as both a coach and instructor with amateur baseball in British Columbia. Mr. Poyner holds his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Puget Sound in Washington State and his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Calgary. He was called to the BC Bar in 1997 and is also a mediator and arbitrator. Mr. Poyner is a designated Chartered Arbitrator from the ADR Institute of Canada.”

His OIC appointment to Mediate BC ends October 31, 2016. Mediate BC has three major sources of funding: The Ministry of Attorney General, The Law Foundation of British Columbia, and The Ministry of Children & Family Development. Don’t know if he gives up his Mediate BC gig or not but I suppose it will depend on whether he’s full time at the Real Estate Council, or just window dressing.

A Patrick Poyner was a small-time contributor to the BC Liberals but stopped in 2010, the same year this Patrick Poyner began mediating.

I guess we have to wait to see what the sign from the dugout will be.

Bill said...

Lew said "I guess we have to see what the sign from the dugout will be."

My guess, just from past experience is that.. 'they are loading the bases'.

Hope I am wrong, time will maybe tell.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Poyner has no experiance in a specialized area - guess he's waiting to be told by 'Team CC4BC' how to write his report.

sd said...

Opening day,love it! But really ,why can't we hit the curve?

Unknown said...

This is laughable. A lawyer with no experience in real estate law is going to finagle his way through complex money laundering issues involving real estate. Supported by private investigators with experience in what? Taking videos of fraudulent ICBC claimants doing back flips on their neighbours' trampolines? Give me a break. What has been blatantly omitted in this announcement is that the Financial Institutions Commission of BC (FICOM), which oversees real estate investigations, already has a group of investigators on staff experienced in these matters. Are they too busy to do this work. or incompetent, or both?

RossK said...

Ahhhhhh....The Digging.

'Tis a beautiful thing.

Thanks everybody.


cfvua said...

Several PI types wandering around in the deepest Heartlands "facilitating" a major contentious dam project as well. Does everything require a PI these days?

RossK said...


How the heck do folks like that 'facilitate' such a thing?


Might it be better to describe their work as attempts to 'inhibit' the efforts of those seeking to prevent said contentious project?