Monday, April 11, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Slot Machine Stenography.


Black Press' Tom Fletcher has the 'story':

The B.C. government is establishing a 22-member police group dedicated to taking organized crime activity out of B.C. casinos.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong and Public Safety Minister Mike Morris announced the new team in Vancouver Monday. De Jong said the province is making a five-year commitment that will also include dedicated inspectors from the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch and have a budget of $4.3 million a year.

Morris said he expects the new team to perform better than a previous dedicated police unit that was federally funded and not well integrated with provincial agencies.

The new unit will be administered by B.C.'s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which focuses on organized crime. Kevin Hackett, chief officer of the anti-gang unit that includes RCMP and city police forces, said it's a complex problem that requires international police co-operation.

"We won't get people walking into casinos with hockey bags full of cash," Hackett said...

Don't know about you but I, for one, feel much better now.

Than I did, say, oh I dunno...

Six years ago.



Lew said...

Hockey bags full of cash prevention? That's the guaranteed cut line?

I wonder if the good chief officer would have been able to inform Fletch of previous cases where that happened, and how sophisticated casino security would have to be to spot it? If he'd bothered to ask, of course.

Something must have happened to require Christy and her posse to go from not required zero to essential twenty-two in a flash.

I'm betting my hockey bag full of cash that it's to deflect the money laundering focus from certain real estate activities.

Anonymous said...

Election only a year away.
Boy have we got a lot of "good things" coming our way from Christy and Co. LOL

North Van's Grumps said...

Or the transferring of the hockey bags of cash from the casino to the Premier's $20,000 table one on one, Roll the Dice!

A winner!!!! every time with the Premier

Unknown said...

Rest assured the BC Liberals won't let the casino cash cow's milk go sour

RossK said...


I would not be the least surprised if today's announcement is designed as front end innoculation spin for a soon to come 'A Slot In Every School' initiative.

After, all, that way we really could make sure that each school was at 95% capacity.


Snark aside, I'd take short odds on a bet that the next really big Casino Industrial Complex announcement is just over the horizon.


RossK said...

And then there is, of course, Lew's point to consider.


Unknown said...

Yes, I think this announcement is part of an ultra deflector Savardian spinnerama plan that is purely window dressing as far as addressing the critical money laundering issues in gaming and other venues. It'll take until after the election for this unit to make any progress provided it is properly staffed and funded which wasn't the case with the previous unit.

RossK said...

Maybe we should resurrect Danny Gallivan and bring him into do the play-by-play.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Hmmm......seems Mikey has 22 unemployable relatives

RossK said...

LG (not73)--



Anonymous said...

The RCMP won’t go after a man who bilked more than 100 people out of nearly $12 million, a decision that emphasizes the lack of will to tackle white-collar crime.
See Steve brown comment 4 from top