Saturday, April 09, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...Conflicty Business? (Part Deux)


Yesterday, following up on a recent development in the super-secret, big-money BC Liberal donor hook-up story, we asked the following question:

Why, exactly, is the Conflict Commissioner himself now ignoring the perception of bias in a matter pertaining to Ms. Clark (when he did not in 2012) given the fact that the Commissioner's son is still, it would appear, in the employ of Ms. Clark's government as an OIC-appointed Deputy Minister?

Today, Bob Mackin, writing in the Tyee, notes that a couple of folks about Lotusland, one of whom  wrote to the Conflict Commisioner in the first place on the big-money hook-up matter, are now thinking similarly:

...Dermod Travis of Integrity BC, which describes itself as a non-partisan political advocacy group, said Fraser should also recuse himself from the review of Clark's fundraising activities.

''He should not be undertaking any investigation that involves the Premier's office because of the appearance of conflict of interest,'' Travis said. ''Nothing has changed that gets around that particular issue for him.''

(Opposition MLA David) Eby said he will be writing Fraser to ask if someone else should be dealing with the complaint.

In an interview, Fraser confirmed he was investigating the complaints but would make no further comment...

But of course.

After all, why should a Conflict Commissioner comment on conflictyness.

I mean, that would be crazy.

Wouldn't it?


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Anonymous said...

Hey the employee ,in question of the alleged conflict,is only making almost 200,000 dollars a year .? Its not like being president of BC Ferries?