Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ron Obvious Explains Why The Lotuslandian proMedia Can't Explain Influence Peddling To The Public.



Update: A lowly blogger, with no proMedia resources at all, has already started doing the job that the Lotuslandian proMedia won't....Here.

Because there just aren't enough of proMedia members here in B.C. to do the job, unlike, apparently, in Ontario:

...The ever-shrinking number of reporters devoted to covering politics in B.C. means even they have less time to scrutinize this (political donor list) stuff properly, let alone members of the public...


Maybe if they stopped chasing shiny baubles and pinky swore to not stop digging as soon as these things moved into the Premier's office, we might get somewhere.

So, you know what this means...If he and his won't do it, it looks like we the idiots bloggers of Lotusland will have to fisk the donor lists ourselves...Oh what fun! (and I'm almost certain that NVG has started already).
And while Mr. Mason errrr Obvious did tell his readers that there is 'something truly disgraceful' about all this pay-to-play stuff, he also let us know that he felt kinda/sorta felt sorry for one of the more 'reasonable' members of Ms. Clark's cabinet who was allegedly forced to slather lipstick all over this pig earlier today...Gosh...Would Mr. Obvious say the same thing about, say, 'Good Germans'?...You know, as someone who can actually remember my father howling at the radio when Jack Webster took another quisling like that particular cabinet member down, I know that it only takes one fully committed proMedia member to do the job when the stakes are this high...So...Why won't Mr. Mason and or one of his fellow Club members do it?
Speaking of fellow Club members, the Dean is throwing mega-kudos Vicky Huntington's way for beating the Dippers to the legislative punch (ignoring of course the previous multiple times the BC NDP has been there)...But why, enquiring minds want to know, didn't Mr. Palmer also chide Ms. Huntington for not taking care of this back in the 1980's when she had the chance while working for Brian Mulroney's government (if you get my drift). 



Anonymous said...

In 2013 Rafe Mair wrote: " for the public to get the truth they must read online journals like this one and thetyee.ca, which, along with many others, do a first class job. "

I'm sure others have suggested the same but here we are in 2016 & the majority of BC taxpayers are still being influenced by the MSM and it's money ( some of which comes from the taxpayer ).

People are too busy to think about the truth in politics. How many times have you talked to a friend that knows nothing of what is going on in BC politics ? Will that ever change ? I think not.

As long as we have the same old style of politics from the opposition parties, the Liberals will rule. I have very little confidence in John Horgan and his team. When taxpayers ( other than Vancouver ) are faced with real problems like looking for work, they don't need the NDP or any other party blaming the government for the lack of jobs in their community. They need someone who will be creative and bring jobs. Adrian Dix lost a big opportunity when Telus gave him & the NDP the spotlight " "We invited people from both parties to the event today, which is the typical practice of Telus," CKNW radio reporter Charmaine da Silva quoted Entwistle as saying. "We're pleased Adrian could join us, and see what was, I think, a seminal development in terms of B.C."

Has John Horgan sat down with CEO Darren Entwistle who i back in the drivers seat ? Has John Horgan produced any "green" or "techno" companies with the promise of jobs if elected ?
I'm getting tired of the same old NDP that won't stand up for what it really represents... and I don't mean the homeless. That issue will always be around and while I'm sympathetic for some cases, the NDP needs to turn those issues over to the government. Stop being baited by the MSM to look stupid.

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

Given Post Media isn't doing so well because people don't buy papers and that seems to include the Vancouver Sun and province you'd think one of the papers might get with the agenda and start reporting on the Pay to play. people might even buy newspapers just to find out who is doing what to whom. I'd certainly buy, just to express my happiness they were printing news.

A few articles about pay to play, names, corporations, how much, with who, benefits. gee it could have lots of people buying papers on the way to work.

then when you consider the panama papers, list the Canadians, what harper was told by "experts" regarding signing a free trade deal with panama, who has what where and what they avoided. total fun, I'd be running to the corner store every morning, well my version of it.

This is something the B.C. newspapers could really make a home run with and what do they do, NOTHING. Oh, well the bloggers will deliver as usual.

some of us will be reading European newspapers in other languages. thank heavens they "forced" us to take French in high school. Now comes the pay off.

Anonymous said...


Apparently fluency in French is not needed to read La Presse: I googled: "la presse politique canadienne" and hit translate.


Anonymous said...

It would seem the foreign press, is more "informative" about B.C. and in some cases Canadian political news than the corporatist propaganda press, we have to put up with in this province. The "bloggers" have long since "proved" their dogged determination, in presenting the real "truthful" news. The newspapers in this province? Birdcage liners.
The broadcasters? Cartoon producers.

Lew said...

Mason’s excuse for the stuff he writes is that the local herd has been culled. You’d think a smaller herd would reduce the quantity of barnyard droppings, but we seem to be getting the reverse. The smaller herd is producing a much larger scatological volume. A statement in Mason’s latest excuse within an excuse is a good example.

“Mr. de Jong is one of the more reasonable members of Ms. Clark’s cabinet.”

Mr. de Jong was Attorney General when his subordinates (with his knowledge) perpetrated the illegal Basi/Virk payoff, was the Health Minister when his subordinates conducted the improper witch hunt and firing of eight health researchers, and is the current Finance Minister presiding over the largest rate of increase in public debt and obligations in BC history.

If he’s one of the more reasonable members of cabinet, what the hell have the others been up to? And why isn’t Mr. Mason writing about their exploits? He must already have that information in order to fit de Jong with a halo, so even a lonely bovine with the Mange should be able to bring us up to speed.