Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Afternoon In Clarkland...ProMedia Pipeline Plants Of Inevitability.


Well, well, well, whadd'ya know...

'One person involved' in the Clarklandian/TrudeauTheYounger negotiations has apparently just told John Ivison of the NaPo pretty much the same thing, allegedly:

...(P)rovincial government sources in Alberta and B.C. say Premier Christy Clark is looking for ways to support the pipeline ahead of next year’s election, particularly if she can win material benefits for British Columbians in the process.

“I think she would dearly love to say she got certain conditions met and she is the ‘premier of yes’ when it comes to resource development,” said one person involved in the delicate negotiations between federal and provincial governments...


You think someone (not, of course, named Sparky Spark) is working the refs here, particularly given the 'premier of yes' verbiage from the 'one person involved'?

And do you think those refs even know they are being worked?

Interestingly, pretty much the same ref working strate(r)gy was used to get the Keef to push the apparent inevitability of PNWG recently.


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