Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Of Headers And Stenography.


proMedia stenoing of BC Liberal government press releases and media-managed announcements is one thing.

But when the Header shoots the propaganda into the stratosphere that is quite another.

To wit, the following is the header above the latest 'piece' by Mr. Tom Fletcher in the Black Press:

Single parent employment growing

As for the stenography in the piece itself, the lede (and a bit more) is illustrative:

"The B.C. government's new training and employment program for single parents on income assistance has grown to 2,500 applicants in its first five months.

Social Development Minister Michelle Stilwell said she is encouraged by the continued growth of applicants, with 60 to 100 people per week applying at WorkBC employment centres. The majority are women, and most are required to seek employment as a condition of assistance once their children are three years or older.

"One of the good things that I see is that about two thirds of those clients who have come forward have employment obligations, but one third are not actually obligated to look for work, and they are looking for work," Stilwell said.

The program covers tuition, daycare and transportation costs for up to a year of on-the-job training or education towards in-demand jobs for single parents on social assistance or disability payments. The benefits can continue for up to the first year of employment, including extension of government-paid dental and other health benefits...

You see anything about 'growth' in employment (vs. number of trainees/applicants) there whatsoever?

Of course, reporters, columnists and, one can only assume, stenographers don't write headlines to their pieces...However, the good Mr. Fletcher was happy to wurlitzer the piece, not with a descriptor about the growth of trainees but rather with the employment growth promoting header on the Twittmachine.
Wondering about the sub-header to this particular post?....Well...This.
On the Twittmachine, Curious George has much better, more accurate suggestion for a header, which is..."More Single Parents on Income Assistance in BC"... 



North Van's Grumps said...

and of course there's no mention that the 'provincial' job training fund is coming from EI contributions by Employers and Employees Part II. The EI is capped with all excess monies collected going to training programs like Canada Starts Here in BC.

The last time the Federal Government, Conservatives, dipped into the excess was just before the sub prime mortgage fiasco hit in 2008.

Today we have Albertans struggling to find jobs and like back in 2008 the natural, logical thing to do to assist workers who have been steadily working, now out of work, should have their benefits extended.

RossK said...

That is just crazy talk NVG.

Sometimes known, of course, as real policy that matters with little to no PR value.

Therefore, it is, essentially, valueless in Clarkland.


North Van's Grumps said...

British Columbia / Canada Labour Market Agreement and Development LMDA

North Van's Grumps said...


British Columbia acknowledges the importance of ensuring that the public is informed of the federal government's financial contributions to British Columbia’s labour market programs under both the LMA and the LMDA

Lenin's Ghost said...

Wow! Spend millions on ads and 2500 apply. Genius! Shitbots! If any business spent that much on advertising and got that response, heads would roll.
All while they make it so difficult to get a surgery time that people are going en masse to the private surgical clinics.

RossK said...


One might surmise that they are doing the same with schools as they are with surgeries.


e.a.f. said...

at one time, employment being scarce in NFLD and U.I. being available and available even longer if you went to school, what did enterprising people do? They took courses. Some small towns managed to produce almost as many hairdressers as there were people on U.I. No body ever went out to a salon to get a haircut but everybody got to stay on U.I. for much longer,.

These b.c. lieberals and their "friends", do they really expect us to believe all the stuff they print, tweet, etc.?

RossK said...


Don't think they give a hoot-in-heckfire what we believe.