Friday, April 08, 2016

Site C Environmental Breach...When In Doubt Obfuscate.


From Mike Carter and Jonny Wakefield of the Alaska Highway News:

Construction crews on the Site C dam failed to adequately control sediment and runoff into the Peace River, potentially hurting fish populations, Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) investigators have found.

In a report issued April 7, the regulator found BC Hydro breached two conditions of its environmental assessment certificate aimed at minimizing the flow of silt and runoff into the Peace River.

The utility has been ordered to work with sediment control specialists to develop a new plan to combat erosion and runoff by April 22...


...Site C spokesperson Dave Conway said the EAO order is an example of the system working...

I mean.

Do these spokethingies of the flack-hackerious kind even pay attention to the things that are coming out of their mouths?



How long has this 'system working' thing been going on, and what's the problem with a little silt anyway?

...."They've been digging in that river since October, and we've been complaining about silt in the river since October," (Peace Valley Landowner Ass'n President Ken Boon) said. "Our concern was they were creating way too much silt in the river itself with all the digging they did."

Elevated levels of silt and sediment put Peace River fish populations at risk—especially during spawning season, Boon said.

"Silt and eggs don't mix," he said. "That's why they make these conditions on these permits." ...

And if this were happening in, say, that big river out by the farm of the guy who dances, but hates EMail?

And, for the details that matter,  Laila has been all over this for months.



North Van's Grumps said...

Is there enough money in the Site C budget to cover all of these infractions, or, more importantly, are they INTENTIONAL infractions designed to bankroll BC Liberal friendly companies

Lew said...

The sentencing of Willy Pickton is an example of a system working. Much too late.

Maybe Wally Oppal will get another inquiry gig; this time into missing fish.

Anonymous said...

Laila Yuile spoke of this weeks ago me thinks?

Anonymous said...

"...Site C spokesperson Dave Conway said the EAO order is an example of the system working..."
And I guess when a fire department shows up to put out a arson fire, that provides proof the system works. That should be of plenty comfort to the people who lived there and who get to sift through the ashes after the firemen have left.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Two-Above--

I've added a post-script to that effect.


Anonymous said...

When is spawning season?

Anonymous said...

The system works, if your a political donor, with a company working on a project, with ties to the governing party.
Used to be called "graft", conflict of interest, etc.
Now its just business as usual for the B.C. Liberals.
As a personal opinion, elections are being "bought" in this province cronyism and malfeasance reign. Justice system, financial oversight of governance? If ministries at one level are "overlooking" non compliance, it would be a good bet that most if not all of the remaining, "non compliance issues in this government" are being overlooked as well.

Anonymous said...

When we build site C.. we have to take more money from your mom and dad.?

If there is a bonfire of taxpayer dollars in the forest does anyone hear?

Anonymous said...

RossK said...


Isn't it about now for arctic grayling and northern pike?

Experts can chime in.


And when we give millions to IPP's we have to take money from your Mom and Dad too.


Re: The 405 upgrade for no good reason at all...Good to know that we are not the only ones shovelling money out the door(s of Mom and Dads) to that particular construction company from Omaha that likes to...

Well, you know.


cfvua said...

There is a good breakdown of spawning seasons in the DFO permits that were issued for the project. They missed the window for minimum disturbance last August which lasts for only thirty days and then fall spawners like Rocky Mountain whitefish and Dolly Varden/Bull trout are impacted. The idea that they will catch and haul these fish around the dam probably won't last as long as the hatchery that was promised, built and promptly shut down when Hydro thought they could get away with it. High operating costs you know. Excavation in the flowing water and subsequent dumping of material back in the river created immense amounts of sediment release as evidenced by the excellent photos taken by Garth Lenz,who has them up on his website,and others. River levels were kept high during most of the winter while the excavation/backfilling took place and was observed by many including people who were at the Rocky Mtn Fort site. General consensus is that flows were kept high to dilute the sediment and silt as much as possible. As activity in the river tapered off somewhat lately the more usual constant flow fluctuations are being observed. The latest issue is with runoff entering the river from the freshly "cleared" areas which are stripped to dirt and the organics and non organics are running into the river. Just to properly enzsure impact on spring spawners as well one would assume.
Any other project being done by even the highest qualifying pay to play partner would have been stopped at day 2 when equipment crossed running water unnecessarily.

RossK said...

Fantastic cfvua--

Thanks very much for that!


cfvua said...

The hatchery was a promise made while garnering support for building the lesser known Peace Canyon dam.