Monday, April 18, 2016

Your Monday Morning Read...Mr. Farrell On BC Hydro.


Stop hanging 'round here this fine morning looking for warmed over snark and, instead, get over to Norm's place right now.

Instead of the usual lede, here's his kicker:

...In FY 2015, BC Hydro facilities generated 41,443 GWh of electricity. In FY 2001, those very same sites produced 49,940 GWh, which is 20% more.

However, here's a vital point. In 2001, BC Hydro had assets of $12.6 billion. In 2015, assets had grown to $27.8 billion. The company has been spending heavily, allegedly to make the system more efficient. In fact, what is continuing is misappropriation of public wealth for the benefit of suppliers, contractors and other BC Liberal friends.

Some people believe the government intention is to privatize BC Hydro. However, I believe the present situation, with another $10 billion of public funds being thrown at Site C, is working just fine for Christy Clark, her cabinet colleagues and their sponsors.

Citizens should be asking for explanations, from politicians and the pro-media journalists who choose to ignore these facts.

Now get on over there and read the entire thing.

There are more of Norm's patented charts, based on publicly available material, and everything.

Why does that 'publicly available material' tag matter?...Because it means that anyone in the puffed-up punditry could be writing about this stuff, right now....No censored FOIR and/or super-secret leakrative insider access required.



sd said...

Ross ,I sent Norm's writing to my MLA and as usual he responds with the canned response. Well he can't say doesn't KNOW, he just doesn't give a shite.

e.a.f. said...

Some one could send it to the MSM also and ask them why they don't put it on the 6 pm news or the morning paper. They trying to hide something?

As to the B.C. Lieberal MLAs, yes, you are quite correct. they don't give a shit. They don't care about anything but themselves, their staying in office and their sponsors. If they did they would have done something about child poverty and spent more on health and education.

Anonymous said...

2 words
Advertising dollars.

2 words you can't afford to trust in BC
politician and media.

Anonymous said...

is The Whole System Is Built Upon Lies And We're In The Terminal Phase?

e.a.f. said...

went back and read Norm Farrell's blog. didn't know whether to puke or cry. Decided to have a bowl of ice cream instead.

the waste of money. and those lieberal fools want to build a dam? gee now you've really got to wonder why. The only reason I can come to is this is to reward all friends and supporters with contracts, because it sure as hell isn't because its needed.

Like I've said for a long time, we will be Detroit North.

I do hope we are in the Terminal Phase, so this can all end.

cfvua said...

Mr. Farrell's charts and graphs should be mandatory reading for every MLA and member of the Press Gallery. And then they wouldn't be able to say they didn't know. Is fax bombing still a thing?

Anonymous said...

Call, petition, do whatever it takes to get W5, the fifth estate, or other "national" investigative news team, to have a real good look at the "orchestrated demise" of BC Hydro, the ripoff of the BC taxpayer and hydro ratepayers, and the obvious manipulation of provincial budget information along with the obscene payments made to IPP's.
What will it take to get the public in this province and criminal investigative authorities, to demand and get a full investigation into the "obvious" white collar corruption being perpetrated by the BC Liberal party, its donors and corporate sponsors.

This is a "huge" story! Open this door, and far more will emerge.

The ineffective judiciary, the useless attorney generals office and even the RCMP, are a waste of time in this issue. The conflicted policing situation in this province, due to the "contracted policing services" provided, makes one wonder about why this government has not been investigated long before this.

Hugh said...

The BC Clean Energy Act (2010) gives huge benefits to IPPs at BC Hydro's expense.

Jessica McDonald was Deputy to Premier Gordon Campbell at the time the Clean Energy Act was being made.

Jessica McDonald is now CEO of BC Hydro.

Anonymous said...

Today VP is fronting the idea of a $BILLION hydro intertie with Alberta.

Who said western separation died with the Cons on October 19?

Chuckstraight said...

Why isn`t Keith Baldrey all over this?

Lew said...


I don't believe Baldrey has the wit, the willy, or the will to be all over this in the manner expected of someone in his position at a major news network. That suits his masters, which is a damning statement of their role in controlling the message in favour of certain interests. They must be called out on it, and in my opinion we all have to stop looking for others to do it and get busy. If not us, who?

Chuckstraight said...

Lew- it is hard to include sarcasm when typing-Baldrey could apparently could care less.

RossK said...

And, besides, if VP is already out front the Keef can keep his powder dry for another day.


Lew said...


Sorry; a bit clumsy of me. My intent was not to imply you didn't have tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Anonymous said...

2 more good reads...

Cutting through the spin cycle of the new Site C opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun, by Laila Yuile

a more oblique look...

"Another reason is that one of the most profitable businesses at the moment is the sale of electrical energy, especially in Latin America, because free trade agreements are opening huge investments for transnational corporations."

An Interview With Gustavo Castro, Sole Witness to Assassination of Berta Cáceres, by Danielle Marie Mackey, The Intercept

RossK said...


I'm ready to wurlitzer Laila's post as it is a very good one in terms of stopping the spin behind the good Mr. Black's OpEd.