Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trump Takes New York...Start Spreadin' The News.


Looks like it's not just artists, hipsters, Broadway showgoers and the ultra-rich who are into New York these days (i.e. since primary vote counting came to a conclusion Tuesday night).

Andy Borowitz has the (snark-filled) story in that always homerish and booster-filled rag, 'The New Yorker':

America’s racists, who have long viewed New York with a mixture of hostility, contempt, and fear, are suddenly feeling much more positive about the Empire State, a cross-section of racists confirmed on Tuesday night...

{snipppety doo-dah}

...Improving attitudes about New York were not limited to racists, however, as interviews on Tuesday night revealed a sudden warming toward the state among misogynists, xenophobes, and people who enjoy sucker-punching others in the face.

Imagine that!

And, on the flipside....This. 



e.a.f. said...

Perhaps about all that can be said about the difference between the democrats and the Republicans is Democrats at least try to "fake" their caring. Americans really need a third party. perhaps Bernie could start one. The 2 party system really is just about which elites run the country.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Yup. Just like here. Libs and cons are nearly the same. Corporate sponsored thieves.