Monday, April 04, 2016

At The End Of The Day...


...Sometimes you just need to find yourself a bike rave.

Although, truth be told, because I'm working late on a whack of manuscript (of the science-geek kind) editing tonight, I'll probably lock-up my bike in the office and take the bus home.


I must be getting soft.

And/or old.

As an aside or three...Have you seen the BCL's shiny bauble designed to capture the squirrel-like attention of the proMedia as the super-secret big money donor/lobbyist/infy peddling hook-up newscycle grinds on through?...More on that tomorrow (and the second prong in the strater(g)y from....surprise!...the good Ms Miller)...Also working on a Big Murky Muddle Everything Institute (so-called) 'report card' post (hint: think class size and composition).


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