Sunday, April 03, 2016

Globe And BCNDP Completely Agree On How To End The Cronification Of Everything!


First, from the Globe editorial page:

Let’s say you’re a provincial government that’s recently been embarrassed by revelations concerning political fundraising. We have a prescription to fix your problem, and our democracy...


...The fix for all of this is simple: Download a copy of the excellent rules governing donations at the federal level – whose cornerstone principle is that only citizens should be allowed to donate to political parties. Photocopy the legislation. Pass it into law in your province. Problem solved...

Next, from the BCNDP:

Rumour has it that heads have been exploding in Kraftwerk's Cronyville all weekend long.

Subheader?.....This (which is the real program locally).



e.a.f. said...

oh dear, this is much more than hiring a lawyer and investigator.

this is real business, using the federal leg. and making it law in B.C. oh, my god, pass the diaper. they must be crapping all over the province.

best laugh of the weekend. what will Christy and her cabal do now. get out Vaughn and keith. oh, that eastern newspaper thinks new rules would be good. things must be very bad in B.C. now. call in all the "little shits in short pants" to figure a way out of this one. some one will have to walk the plank on this, so any laws such as this can be avoided at all costs.

RossK said...


If I remember correctly the Dippers plan to table their private members' bill on Wednesday.

Which, if true, means that the Clarklandian deflector spike spinners and the digital influencers will be out in force trying to fauxly paint 'real time reporting' and 'real legislation' as equivalent Mon/Tues.

Of course, never underestimate the power of the next super-duper liquor announcement and/or Bogus Bollywood Bash-type proposal to act as the shiny bauble that changes the local proMedia herd's channel for the duration.

And, don't forget Laura Miller can institute real time reporting of BCLiberal fundraising activities, like, yesterday without the need for any legislation and/or actions of independent officers of the legislature whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Here's one they don't advertise about their new liquor store upgrades.
They are cutting back all janitorial services to 23 stores by half.
Meaning if you cleaned the store once a week you now do it every two weeks. That means i have to let one of my staff go.
Thanks alot Christy for your jobs plan.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a "cheap" fast way to implement a policy, long overdue. End the pay to play game now, level the "playing field" for all.
While your at it, any BC Libs, or donors on CRA's new hit list, the Panama Papers? Should make for an "interesting" read.

Anonymous said...


Norman Spector ‏@nspector4 1m1 minute ago
BCers donate to @christyclarkbc or @jjhorgan because they believe the other will ruin the province, not 4 quid pro quo #bcpoli a loss for words.

Chuckstraight said...

Christy has a bullshite plan to let us know in real time when the donations arrive.

Many want to know when the corporate/union donations stop.

At issue panel on CBC was very good on this.

Scotty on Denman said...

Gregor Mendel did some amazing science with a pencil, pad of paper, a pair of scissors and a small sable brush; would that question of political party funding be so simply solved.

There appears to be two spheres in either case, one smooth, the other wrinkled---only twice as complex as an apple falling from a tree; in the political sense, the problem of partisan funding is generally smooth and easily solved, but misappropriation of public money by governing parties for partisan purpose is fuzzy or wrinkled and not so easily solved.

Horgan's proposal is good: only individual citizens may contribute to a political party, and that contribution would be limited. It's an improvement from what we have now but is still hooked onto popularity---which, in some opinions, is legitimate. Another approach which eliminates the popularity contest (since we already do a popularity match at the ballot box) is to publicly fund parties directly, the difficulty being how to prevent the number of contestants per riding from becoming too expensive. I'm not sure how some kind of winnowing could be avoided, based on, say, whether the candidate is running for a party which has (had) at least one seat in (the recently dissolved) parliament. Something like that---take a brain bigger'n'mine to figure the details; Gregor would have been an asset here.

Then there's the perennial problem of governments misappropriating public money to pay for partisan propaganda. All governments do this to some extent but, all too typically, the BC Liberals have taken it to an eye-popping level with Site-C, the dam project which they estimate---if you can believe BC Liberal estimates have anything but self-service in mind---to cost about $9 billion, but which collapsed LNG markets have made infeasible. The only other reason to go ahead with this damned dam is to create a wedge issue for the upcoming election (yes, the BC Liberals are already in campaign mode, just over 13 months to go!) They're trying to build a hugely expensive election campaign stage-prop purely for partisan purpose. All other rationales are totally lame and complete bullshit. Had to laugh at Christy's gleeful plan to sell "excess" electricity from Site-C to Alberta; not only was it a tell that the dam isn't really needed, it was the perfect opportunity for Premier Notley to throw a bucket of water all over Christy's prayer-candle.

BC Liberals continue to break trail in perfidious innovation: Site-C has got to be the biggest misappropriation of public money in BC history. It's definitely not what I had in mind for public funding of partisan candidacy; they neglected to limit ("limit" being the key-word with regard partisan funding) their excess to such an extent it looks like they might be scared of something. Could it be of losing the next election and thus be rendered unable to prevent forensic investigation into numerous charges of malfeasance on their part?