Friday, April 15, 2016

This Afternoon In Clarkland...How Many '#1 Priorities' Can One Premier Have?



According to the sleuthwork of the sharp-eyed folks over at the PoMoPoCo Election Blog there have been at least five #1 Priorities for our fine Premier over the last couple of years.

These include, but are certainly not limited to:

- The Forest Industry
- BC/Alberta Hydro Grid
- Class Composition
- Families and All The Firstyness That Fits
- Sparkle Ponies....errrrr...LNG

All of which leaves one wondering what Ms. Clark's real/actual  #1 priority is.

Any guesses?

No word, at least not yet, as to whether gangs 'n guns and/or unlimited cash for Crimestoppers tips are Ms. Clark's new #1 priority...I suppose we will have to wait to see how the focus groups, the polling and the media play goes before we find out about that. 
Tip 'O The Toque to Laila on the Twittmachine for the link to the PoMoPoCoEBlog.



North Van's Grumps said...

Saving for tomorrow: B.C. Prosperity Fund

Budget 2016 establishes the B.C. Prosperity Fund with a first-time commitment of $100 million from the forecast 2015–16 surplus to establish this long-term legacy intended to help eliminate the Province’s debt over time, make investments in health care, education, transportation, and other priorities that provide future benefits to B.C., and preserve a share of today’s prosperity for future generations.

RossK said...




Still not #1.


Lew said...

Christy's #1 priority is Christy.

RossK said...


We await the photo-op to announce that one with bated breath!


Anonymous said...

Ratification of TPP, so West Coast fish could flood Malaysian and Vietnamese markets.

RossK said...


Which priority would that be?


Anonymous said...

Priority #1? Wasn't it to somehow magically, overnight, to become Filipino!

Scotty on Denman said...

I should think Christy's priority---or priority priority---or however it might be translated from Christy-ese---would be to win the next election.

Like criminal wisdom says: get the money if you can, but stay out of prison.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Hmmmm......gotta give corporate Christy credit. A new twist on the prosperity fund. Most governments create them with corporate driven natural resource tax revenue for use during hard times for the taxpayers. Her fund is funded by taxpayers to, I can only assume, to be used for difficult times for foreign LNG corps.
Very creative!

Ed Seedhouse said...

Got to go with Lew on this one.