Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When Ron Obvious Tweets...

...Mr. Spector listens.

Mr. S's bizarre logic notwithstanding, Mr. O's original point, I think, seems to be that the lack of heat on the Clarklandian 'Graftyness 'R Us' initiative is all the Opposition's fault.

Or some such thing.



Lew said...

"Easier to buy a minister than a premier, in my experience."

As Mr. Mulroney's former right-hand, it's a pity he won't elaborate on that experience.

RossK said...


Mr. Spector goes to Bill Bennett...Says he saw no evidence of his ever having been 'bought'.

It's a thread worth looking at...Mr. Mason actually leaves the 'Club' momentarily and kinda/sorta comes over to the side of Integrity BC, Norm Farrell, the Impish Chimp and Paul Ramsey (whose Tweet is priceless).

You can follow it all....Here.


Anonymous said...

So if a billionaire ,say from asia, gave BC Liberals 1m/10m/50 million dollars party donation all taxpayers would be ok with that?.Not one iota of ethics vioation.

e.a.f. said...

gee perhaps the RCMP might want to go have a chat with the boy. Of course there are those who read, On the take, the Mulroney years by Stevie Cameron and you can get the drift.

now of course it might be argued no one had to buy the premier or her cabinet ministers, they do it for free. that is the really scary part. they are too stupid to figure out there could be graft available.

to blame the NDP for not "asking questions", like its their fault if there were graft and corruption in B.C. because they didn't ask about it. First rule in graft and corruption, always deny it, so why bother asking about it. If you would get a "positive" answer, what would change? Like which cabinet minister is going to pick up the phone and ask the A.G. to call the RCMP, start an investigation, and perhaps even arrest someone. We all know how well the B.C. Rail investigation and trial went.

Politics and wrong doing in this country is most entertaining. You can be charged with accepting a bribe, the bribers, well that doesn't seem to factor into it. Oh, well......

if there is any graft and corruption in this province, it will be up to the voters to make that determination and have their say at the ballot box.

Lew said...

Thanks for the Twitter thread, RossK.

I suppose one could argue there was no reason to “buy” Mr. Bennett, since he was already naturally disposed to do everything a corporation could possibly ask from the government anyway.

In any case, what we’re talking about here is the openly advertised solicitation of money in return for a private audience with elected officials, and it’s a seller’s market. We don’t have to wonder if money is changing hands; it’s the purpose that’s in question, and unless the people who show up are butt stupid or terribly lonely they must expect something more than rubber chicken and a selfie with Her Christiness in exchange.

I still believe the sudden donations to the NDP just before the 2013 election by many corporations who had historically ignored them tells the tale. If donations are made on political principle, as Mr. Spector asserts, why the sudden change just because it looked like the NDP was a cinch to win?

Paul Ramsey’s clarification is brilliant, and tars the right people. Too bad only Mr. Mason has so far shown up to apply some MSM feathers.

RossK said...


Ya - I've actually got to give Mr. Mason credit where credit is due, at least with respect to the 'intent'.

It still bugs me, however, that he would choose to blame the local opposition rather than other local proMedia Club members.


motorcycleguy said...

Tough call whether it's easiest to buy a career bureaucrat/deputy minister or just send a box of rubber chickens to the legislative press gallery. Both seem to be working well. Each of these groups get to possibly stay on no matter who wins the election. Look how many of these types drifted over to the private IPP industry after funnelling the necessary legislation through and/or giving it favourable press. No need to buy lobbyists as they are by definition "bought". Bennett got into his position because he isn't very good at math and won't catch things like bankrupting BC Hydro. I am going to send him a solar powered calculator because clearly his plug-in one isn't working. He truly believes there is a positive sign, not negative, on the financial position he is putting average BC working schmucks.

RossK said...



When you saddle a crown corp with mountains of debt you make it ripe for privatization...See BC Rail, for example.

Of course, one of the problems with BCRail was the fact that much of the debt was bogus.

Clearly, they've learned their lesson on that one as it pertains to BC Hydro.


Anonymous said...