Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And So The Sniping Begins....


...From one of Gordon Campbell's twisty-pants compatriots, Mr. Kevin Krueger, as noted for posterity(?) by the syntactically-challenged CFJC TeeVee in Kamloops:

....Kruger (sic) tells CFJC he feels sorry for (Carole) James, and calls the NDP a 'Vicious and non-organization a collection of special interests (double-sic). Krueger says if you are a decent, moderate person the NDP will wash you out. As for the next leader Krueger says he can only imagine what kind of person the party will look to replace james (triple-sic) with, but says it will likley (quadruple-sic) be a "Rabid investor despising (quintuple-sic) person on the puppet strings of the BC Federation of Labour."....

Always good to see The Krooginator take the high road, eh?



Anonymous said...

I've never used this kind of language in the past, but Krueger's comment makes me want to tell the world that this overweight, grotesque looking former highways worker who now lives on the public trough with his mouth wide open, could not get a job in the real world unless it was back with road maintenance.
( And please, I mean no disrespect to the hard working road Maintenance personnel ).

Guy in Victoria

Tony Martinson said...

Why should Krueger take the high road when good friends like Grant from Powell River can't be bothered to do so?

Anonymous said...

Krueger couldn't find his ass with both hands if he was looking for it. There are few libs that should actually be ignored, I think he's one of them.

RossK said...

Tony - point taken.



In a rational world I would very much agree.

But our spin-driven, media-manipulated world is not rational.

Thus, I think it is a big mistake when the ridiculous statements of the surrogate screamers are not dismissed as, well, ridiculous.