Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flipping The Sea To Sky...Who's Sorry Now?



That's right.

The private company that we fronted a big whack-o-cash to so that they could then take even more of our money to pay for the Condo Queens and Tatty'd WestsidePunks* driving their German SUV's to and from Apres-Ski on our dime has just flipped out the Sea-To-Sky concession to a whole new set of money-makers.

And, unlike the Lotuslandian proMedia herd (see crickets chirping, here), local hard-rock miners of publically available and (way better than Wiki) leaked documents Laila Yuile and NVG have this one nailed to the wall.

*The East to West and the Gender Flipping of Dan Mangan's killer tune about 'Indie Queens and Tatty'd Eastside Punks' was entirely intentional.


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