Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Was The 'Fight-The-HST' Strate(r)gy Just Reborn?



Updates X2: At bottom of post

Why yes, it appears that it just may have been.

And here it is, straight from the man behind the almost transparent curtain, Mr. Bill Tieleman, in the pixels of 'The Tyee':

"The government has decided they're not going to call a public inquiry into it. As far as I'm concerned, it's case closed." -- Christy Clark, Dec. 13, on the B.C. Legislature Raid case

Not so fast Christy -- the BC Rail corruption trial scandal train has not yet left the station, no matter how much you want to see it get out of town.

The surprise guilty pleas of David Basi and Bob Virk in October and the BC Liberal government's quick decision to not only authorize paying their former ministerial aides' $6 million legal bills but also to reject calls for a public inquiry is simply outrageous.

That's why I've created a new Facebook page -- Basi-Virk Public Inquiry -- to give British Columbians who want to know what really happened in the $1-billion privatization of BC Rail a chance to express their opinions......


Here's the thing.......

Who will be the fairy Godfather (or Godmother) that will get this one going by sprinkling just enough pixie-dust on the proMedia herd to make them get up and dance?


Maybe it could be a 'Bill and Lill' tag team!

Personally, if anybody was going to be fronted to do this, and do it right, for all the right reasons, I would (and there is no snark here) like it to be Paul Nettleton.....
Oh, and one other thing....For those who like to take swipes at our good and dear friend Mary for being nothing more than a 'cut-and-paster', especially those who are content to suddenly trumpet-the-crap out of stuff that just falls into their lap because it may help their political friends and/or influence their proMedia uncles, please realize that, in addition to fostering tremendous goodwill over many years, Mary has also assembled a fantastic archive of RailGate-related material that includes the exclusively-obtained letter from Mr. Nettleton linked-to above .....Why do I fuss about this?.....Well, because, in my opinion, that letter is a million times more powerful and important than the self-serving scribblings, notarized or otherwise, of a politically-appointed apparatchik on the take....OK?
Wednesday morning update: Hold the phone....While we have not yet confirmed it from either a second source or the horse's mouth, Paul Willcocks, who has never steered us wrong in the past, tells us in the comments that Mr. Nettleton may be supporting CClark and her stand that an inquiry is not needed....Follow-up to follow, if followuppable....
Boxing Day "Knock Us Over With A Feather" Update: Mr. Nettleton, as Paul suggested, is most definitely with Ms. Clark and against an inquiry.



Don F. said...

Mr. Nettleton would be a person to bring an honest face to all of this.I think in our current atmosphere this could bring many of these slugs to their knees. The time is certainly now and I pray it comes about.

RossK said...

Thanks Don.

I completely agree.

The thing, is, I'm not sure that a person as straightforward as Mr. Nettleton would be willing to spend most of his time sprinkling the dust on the herd.

Further, at least one member of that herd, in fact one of the ones that runs at the front and helps steer it, has discredited Mr. Nettleton in the past, by, in my opinion at least, an egregious sin of omission that was never corrected in the public prints.

Mary has the goods on that story also.

I would be more than happy the latter matter further if anybody is interested.


Don F. said...

Hello Ross,
just read Mary's post today very good , I think she is right on with who cares about these people like Christy Clark any more let's get on with it! I wish Mr. Teilman would have had the foresight to call it BC Rail scandal instead Basi/virk too limiting but hopefully people will see that.
I build mandolins and Violins for hobby and am a guitar player of many years, the photo on your sight has always intrigued me.
Thank's Don

kootcoot said...

"Oh, and one other thing....For those who like to take swipes at our good and dear friend Mary for being nothing more than a 'cut-and-paster', especially those who are content to suddenly trumpet-the-crap out of stuff that just falls into their lap because it may help their political friends and/or influence their proMedia uncles,"

That just simply HAD to be re-iterated, because it is SO EFFING TRUE!

Anonymous said...


My,my.Mr.T keeps interesting company.

Signal Hill Media Group. "media production"
The same one that donated $5000.00 to the BC liberals in 2008?

Tsakumis donated in years prior


One might ruminate the possibility of operatives who suddenly take a strong interest in this BC rail business as a means to an end of wiping the "tainted" liberals out,to let the less smeared candidates with big C federal connections rise to the top.

Say,isn't a former columnist a " life-long member of the conservative party of Canada?"

Isn't that something?

paul said...

I believe Paul Nettleton is backing Christy Clark for leader and supports her position that an inquiry is not needed.

RossK said...


Thanks Paul.

I'll check that out.


RossK said...


I think going B/V is tailored for the media herd who take their marching orders from the Deans...And those Deans have already repeatedly called folks who want a BC Rail Inquiry 'cultists'....B/V is much easier for them to grab onto and demonize.

Regarding the banner photo...That's me and my oldest kid partaking in our 'Busking Project'....This particular shot was taken by our good friend Laila who came down with her kids to see us play one day early last spring. And for the record....It is my kids that are the talented ones. Seriously.

RossK said...


It is very true, indeed.


Thanks Anon-Above.