Friday, December 31, 2010

Three Wishes To Live By....


Enjoy every cup of coffee in a warm restaurant, each day your fridge is well-stocked and every walk along the ocean.

Refuse to accept the diminished lives imposed on your fellow citizens, recognizing the shame it brings on us all.

Demand better - and put your money and volunteer effort into making it so.

And consider how important it is to pay attention - really pay attention - to the people around you.

Your laughter, your praise, your concern, your love - those are the most precious gifts. And so easily given.

Happy New Year everybody.

We're going to a house party tonight.

I am taking my guitar.

It is a brand spanking new-to-me black Takamine.

Hopefully, someone will ask me to play.

If not, I will probably play when I get home.

And if not then, I will most definitely play tomorrow with the Whack-A-Doodle.

And maybe with the kids too.

I think we will go here.

Bye for now.



Don F. said...

Enjoy the guitar, very nice. Mahogany and spruce are my favorite guitar woods and I'm sure it sounds wonderful!
I.m spending this night by myself as my wife flew to Edmonton today to be at the side of her dying mother and I'll catch up to her there in a few days. So tonight I'll be sitting with a cold beer playing my guitar also, which is a Mahogany/spruce Seagull.
Have a great new years and enjoy the music!
Don F.

West End Bob said...

Nice words and thoughts from Mr. Willcocks, RossK - Thanks! Hope someone asks you to play the new music-maker to strum in 2011.

Also thanks for the Iona Beach link - I had no clue! As a lad, I grew up on Iona Beach Road - which led to Iona Beach - on the Chippewa River in northern Wisconsin.

Thanks for that trip down Memory Lane, and all the best to you, C, the E's and the Whack-A-Doodle in the New Year . . . .

BC Mary said...

Best wishes, RossK, for the new year.

There's a truly BCR-Cult celebration going on over at my place, where that famous Voice-of-the-North, Ben Meisner, passionately explains how he's been he's been fighting for 11 years to save BC Rail.

I've even appeared on Ben's open-line radio show, and I didn't know that ...

Others said much the same thing. It gives me fresh courage to keep working and hoping for a Public Inquiry into the allegedly criminal negotiations which took BC Rail out of public ownership and into private pockets.

The Legislature Raids

Anonymous said...

Check David Berner's blog....he's coming back....on Shaw TV this month.

RossK said...

Thanks for the wood tips Don.

Am actually renting the box....from Long and M......Will decide in the next couple of weeks if I'm going to buy...I really like the sound and feel, but wanted to make sure.

Hope you have a great celebration when your wife returns.


Shoot Bob - if you haven't taken the pooch down to Iona - Do it! (as soon as you get back)....Bigger E and I did go...New Year's day afternoon....Sundown was marvellous high pink shifting to orange light on the fretboard followed by deep red in the dying light..Film maybe at 11 (if any of it is any good).


Great stuff Mary - thanks - will report later.


Thanks for the D. Berner heads-up Anon-Above.

His old blog, which we very much enjoyed, and which has all the details, is here.


Tony Martinson said...

Ben Meisner? The guy who consistently gives a free pass to Pat Bell and Shirley Bond? That Ben Meisner. He's full of it.

It's interesting that he goes after Rustad on the issue. Rustad is a nobody. One of four or five Liberal MLAs who have never had a cabinet post. He's also in a fencepost-with-hair seat. Ben goes after Rustad because there's no fallout to the party in power for doing so.

If he would hold the feet of Bell or Bond to the fire, then he might actually get somewhere. His comments to Mary are posturing, nothing else.

RossK said...

Thanks for the added context Tony.

Please chime in when necessary on such matters as I just do not have the expertise on what's really going down up north, especially from a local, on-the-ground media perspective.

One thing I am pretty certain of, however, is that Ms Bond and Mr. Bell appear to have some 'xplainin' to do regarding an apparent early spring 2002 meeting with the good premier and his then chief-of-staff....