Monday, December 13, 2010

FedCon Hardliner Jumps Off C.C. Express Before It Even Leaves Station



That's right....

Former Firewall-Builder, Taser-backer, and current Con-About-O-Town, Mr. Ken Boessenkool, just quit the Christy Clark campaign.

Sean Holman has the story:

Provincial Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark's campaign manager Ken Boessenkool has resigned. In an email, circulated internally to Ms. Clark's team and exclusively obtained by Public Eye, Mr. Boessenkool explained, "Over the past few days the Prime Minister's Office has asked that paid staff and senior members if (sic) the national Conservative campaign team refrain from taking formal positions in the leadership campaigns for the BC Liberal Party. As I have a senior role on the national Conservative campaign team, this request has obvious implications for my role in the Christy Clark Leadership campaign. I will therefore be stepping aside as campaign manager for the campaign.".....

Of course, all this means nothing about nothing.

As does this.




Gary E said...

Ross K does it also look to you like the FedCons are distancing themselves as far as they can from the Libs in BC?
It does to me. But it's way too late for them because the Con MP's in BC also voted for this money grab. And as soon as I have finished with the MLA's I'm going after the FedCons here in BC.
Juat for those who think I support the NDP fully, I am leaning very hard to the BC First party and even harder towards the Independents who may run.

RossK said...

I dunno Gary.

I'm wondering if the thing they are trying to distance themselves from here is much more specific.


Grant G said...

Ross K...The answer is simple..Ms Clark is talking about killing the HST.

How could Federal Cons support someone who is against the Harper Tax?

Think of the optics, especially those who may be running for the Feds.

Secondly, I think that Clark has no intention of killing the tax for real.

Follow along, the BC Liberals voted in the spring session to kill the PST thus bringing in the hst.

The successful hst petition, there were 2 remedies the Legislative committee could have taken

A province wide referendum, or a vote in the house..The committee chose the year off referendum.The reason?(To stall and fear of recall if the Libs voted to confirm the hst again)

So, any vote on the hst in the House could be considered honouring the HST petition.(A vote or referendum)

If the Libs vote for the hst(like they already did)

It opens up the door for a legal challenge from Hoctein, Winters, mining, big industry...

They could argue, the successful HST petition remedy was granted, "A vote in the house"

My legal skills are iffy but, I think the case would be compelling..

The legal challenge is launched, Christy Clark and the Liberals throw up their hands and say..

"It`s before the courts, it`s not us, we have to respect the law"

The way the court is, Craig James,and there is Campbell`s ex attorney General Geoff Plant. And all the big business money ready to fight a court battle.

The Election`s BC petition law..It requires one of 2 remedies not both, a referendum or house vote.

I am asserting that a trap is being set, Christy calls the vote,the Libs pass the hst vote, Christy vows to remove the HST, her popularity soars, a snap election is called, Clark wins.

Cue the pre-arranged Big business law suit.

They win, the HST stays. Christy claims ignorance(very easily)


Grant G said...

OR THIS BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RossK said...


I think it's Door #2....


Anonymous said...

It is common knowledge, anyone who is a friend of Campbell's, is required to be as low as he is. Hence, Phil Hochstein of ICBA fits Campbell's criteria to a T. Have any construction bids, gone to any members registured to clients of the ICBA? Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, is rearing it's head again. I believe that corrupt sale of the BCR, has to be number one, to be cleared up. This corrupt BC Liberal Party, has to be wiped out, completely.