Monday, December 06, 2010

Will Big Rich Lend Christy Clark A Little FedCon Cred?



Update: Monday at noon....Carole James resigns.....S.Holman called this one too...

That's precisely what Sean Holman is wondering:

....It's assumed that decision (of Rich Coleman to stay on the sidelines) benefits Kevin Falcon, who is now the only right-wing candidate in the race. But consider what would happen if at least some of Mr. Coleman's supporters and organizers were to back Ms. Clark's candidacy?....

How will we know for sure?

Well, I figure a sure sign will be the sudden surfacing of Near Valley Turf Toes for Christy!

Or some such thing.

And no matter which way your political pendulum swings..... If you are not reading Mr. Holman's Public Eye like Clockwork, Dipper Orange or otherwise, you very likely have lost your angular momentum altogether.



bcliberal leader said...

Should Christy Clark's connection to BC Rail matter in her bid to be premier?

RossK said...

To the Libs?

Who cares.

To British Columbians?

Of course.